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 Positive Energy® Smart Grid 


 Building a smarter future for our customers 

OG&E is building the Positive Energy® Smart Grid in partnership with customers to improve energy efficiency. As the technology continues to rollout across OG&E’s service territory, it not only helps Oklahomans use energy more wisely, but it helps us meet the growing demand for energy and the desire for environmental stewardship.

The smart grid uses a secure wireless network for two-way, real-time communication with smart meters installed on the outside of customer homes. In the future, that meter could communicate with programmable thermostats or other technology inside customers’ homes.

The smart meter allows OG&E to remotely read, connect and disconnect service. It is part of a secure system that allows you to see your energy use and cost information anytime on a secure website called myOGEpower. That information will help you make informed decisions about how and when to use power, giving you the ability to save energy and money.

And the smart grid allows OG&E to operate more efficiently too, which helps keep rates low.

Testing the Smart Grid

While we believe smart grid technology is the foundation for the future for our industry, we are carefully identifying how it can best benefit our customers and our company.

We began by installing 6,600 meters in northwest Oklahoma City for a short study. Following the success of that small pilot, we installed 42,000 smart meters on customer homes in Norman, Okla. At the same time we installed the information delivery infrastructure to carry the information to and from those customers and OG&E.

An estimated 3,000 Norman customers participated in a study in the summer of 2010 using in-home devices and/or Internet portals as a means to get electricity pricing and usage information. A second study, including 3,200 additional customers in Moore, Norman and parts of south Oklahoma City is currently underway.

OG&E received notice October 27, 2009, that its application for $130 million in smart grid stimulus funds has been approved, pending final negotiations with the Department of Energy. The company will seek state regulatory approval for recovery of the remaining costs of the $300 million-plus deployment across its entire service territory over the next three-five years.

At the same time we’re working with our employees and knowledgeable industry partners on a plan to expand smart grid to customers in our entire 30,000 square mile service territory. Because the more you and OG&E know your power, the better decisions we can make today.  That’s Positive Energy Together®. 


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