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2009 SmartPower Request For Qualification 

RFQual Overview
Contingent on Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) approval, OG&E will commence our Positive Energy SmartPower plan, which includes installation of approximately 42,000 Smart Meters and associated AMI infrastructure in our selected Smart Power Community of Norman, Okla.

The objectives of the Request for Qualification are to:

  • Provide preliminary information to potential vendors which will allow them to assess their interest and capability in meeting Smart Power related business, functional and technical requirements, and/or their interest and capability as an Operational Service Provider responsible for the integrated operation of the eventual Smart Power network;
  • Allow OG&E to create a list of pre-qualified vendors who will be invited to participate in the Smart Power RFP;
  • Seek products and services that are available in the marketplace to support the Smart Power network. This information will be used by OG&E to augment its requirements in advance of an RFP;
  • Ensure a relevant, fair and competitive procurement process;
  • Provide notice of a following RFP process which is targeted to be complete in the third quarter of 2009.

This RFQual is therefore open to vendors who provide the following components and related services:

  • AMI Systems
  • Supporting Communication Services
  • Meter Data Management Systems
  • Meter Event Managers/Operational Data Stores
  • Demand Response and Distributed Generation Management Systems
  • Smart Meters
  • HAN equipment including: In Home Displays; Programmable Communicating Thermostats;  Load Control Equipment;  Home  Area Network related energy program management services, Home Area Network communication systems
  • Web-based Customer Portals for energy management services

RFQual Process Schedule & Timeline

 Activity   Completion Date
 Request for Qualification Open   May 4, 2009
 Deadline for RFQual Questions   5 p.m. CDT May 15, 2009
 Deadline for OG&E to issue Addenda   May 26, 2009
 Request for Qualification Closed   5 p.m. CDT May 29, 2009
 Request for Proposal Open   Jul 15,2009
 Request for Proposal Closed   Aug 15, 2009
 Vendor Selection   September 2009
 Deployment of Goods and Services Commences   January 2010

Questions & Correspondence
Questions should be sent in writing to the RFQual Coordinator at smartpowerqualification@oge.com

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