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 A History of Positive Energy® 




Our History 

For more than 100 years, from the days of pioneers plowing prairies to the era of creating new energy technology, OGE Energy Corp. has been a proud part of Oklahoma’s growth.


1902 – On February 27, 1902, five years before Oklahoma becomes a state, Edward H. Cooke registers incorporation papers for Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company.

1928 –  Through aggressive acquisition OG&E expands our service area across Oklahoma on the way to becoming the largest electric pioneer in the state.

1947 –  Woodward tornado annihilates both the town and OG&E facilities. The F5 tornado strikes without warning, destroying over 1,000 homes and businesses.

1949 –  OG&E becomes the first company to use gas turbines combined with steam turbines to generate electricity, creating more efficient power plants.

1959 –  An OG&E employee finds single-phase electricity to be more economical than 3-phase, allowing electricity into rural areas once too far from power plants.

1963 –  OG&E builds the world’s largest combined-cycle power plant (235 MW) at Horseshoe Lake Station, more than tripling the power generated by other plants.

1974 –  OG&E announces plans to build coal-fired generation plants. Coal burning produced about half of the electricity generated in the U.S. at the time.

1977 –  OG&E implements the Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition, a user-friendly interface for operators to monitor and control plant performance.

1983 –  Meter reading at OG&E becomes faster and more efficient thanks to the latest high-tech innovation: computerized meter reading.

1986 –  OGE Energy acquires Enogex, a natural gas pipeline and energy marketing company with 10,000 miles of pipeline spanning West TX, OK, AR, and Southeastern MO.  

1997 –  OGE Energy Resources, a service provider of premium energy products is formed.

1999 –  We purchase Transok from Tejas Energy. Together, Enogex and Transok operate one of the 10 largest natural gas pipeline systems in the U.S.

2003 - OG&E is the first electric utility in Oklahoma to offer wind power as a choice for its retail customers.

2007 - OG&E dedicates its Centennial Wind Farm near Fort Supply, more than tripling the company's production of wind energy. This is the first wind farm to be wholly owned and operated by a utility.

2008 - OG&E begins a research and development project to test wireless, “smart” technology with residents in two areas of northwest Oklahoma City. OG&E's Positive Energy® Smart Grid program enables customers to better manage their energy consumption and control costs.

2011--OG&E named Utility of the Year by Electric Light & Power magazine.

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