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Making Energy Efficient 

OG&E's SmartHours Programs

Our rate plans offer you new choices and more savings, as part of a Positive Energy Future. OG&E has several offerings that are specifically designed for commercial and industrial customers. One of these programs may fit your company's needs and help reduce your energy bill. Simply shifting some of your electric use to different times of day can save you money.

Time of Use Program

It costs more for electricity in the summer during peak periods of high customer demand, form 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. This program allows you to save when costs are lower, or off peak. Customers who are able to reduce or shift their electricity use to off-peak hours on weekdays, June 1 through September 30, are rewarded with lower bills. It also helps OG&E manage its on-peak demand. Time of Use offers lower prices during off-peak times. So enjoy off-peak pricing from 7 at night until 2 p.m. the next day, plus all weekends and national holidays.

Load Reduction Program

Our performance-based Load Reduction program offers financial incentives to commercial and industrial customers that can curtail their electrical load when notified by OG&E. You can subscribe to an amount of demand reduction, tell us how you wish to be notified, and then receive a discount for that promised reduction. Those who reduce their usage during a called event receive a discount on their next electric bill. Last year, the average savings for customers enrolled in Load Reduction was over $34,000.

Day Ahead Pricing Program

You can lower your energy costs by shifting your electric use to the times of day when rates are lower. When higher hourly prices are posted, customers enrolled in Day Ahead Pricing (also known as Real Time Pricing) can reduce their electric use during that time and save money. OG&E will notify you the day before, which allows you to adjust your demand the next day based upon hourly pricing information. If demand reductions are not needed, standard pricing is used. 

-David Eary, Program Manager

OG&E's Energy Efficiency Programs

Our expertise can increase the energy efficiency of your business. That's Positive Energy Together. Improving the efficiency of your business is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your company's bottom line. Not only do these investments reduce costs and protect the environment, they also help address volatile energy prices, strengthen energy security, create new jobs and spur economic growth. OG&E has several flexible programs to help our business and industrial customers make energy efficiency upgrades easier and more affordable.

Commercial Lighting Program

Did you know that commercial buildings in the U.S. consume an estimated 18% of total U.S. energy use and contribute nearly 4% of global carbon dioxide emissions? OG&Es Commercial Lighting Program provides incentives to commercial and industrial customers that purchase and install energy efficient indoor and outdoor lighting, lighting controls, sources, sensors and light emitting diode (LED) exit lights in both retrofit and new construction applications. This program helps customers reduce monthly energy costs. Take these energy efficiency steps that will improve your company's performance and reduce future energy bills. The Commercial Lighting Program usually provides customers with a short payback on this energy efficiency investment and most rebates cover one-third of the cost of the improvements.

-Gale Lewis, Program Manager

Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs

The Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency programs provide rebates to customers that realize energy savings and make peak demand reductions. OG&E will assist in measuring and verifying these efficiency improvements. Each project can be customized to any customer's unique situation. Customers can earn a rebate of $250 per kW saved. In some cases the rebate will pay for about one-third of the cost of improvements. This flexible program is designed to help any commercial or industrial customer achieve energy and demand savings. The OG&E Commercial and Industrial programs can help any customer justify energy efficiency improvements that improve your company's performance and reduce future energy bills. Some of the typical improvements customer make in these programs include: motors, chillers, compressed air systems, HVAC systems and geothermal systems. Please note, third party verification of peak demand reduction is required in some cases.

-Greg Spender, Program Manager

Business Advantage Group

The Business Advantage Group offers a one-call solution to resolving issues and responding to inquiries form business customers. These agents receive, track and communicate customer issues to the appropriate groups within OG&E and customers. This dedicated group of representatives will also inform customers of important issues like rate changes, program offerings and other opportunities for customers. The Business Advantage Group can be reached by contacting the call center at 888-898-9747, Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or via email at businessadvantage@oge.com

Check out this brochure for details about our offerings: Business Solutions Brochure

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