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Rev Up the Savings 

Energy Efficiency Programs for Businesses

Making energy efficiency improvements in your building results in significant savings for your business and helps OG&E meet its vision of delaying construction of additional fossil-fueled generation until at least 2020. To help meet these goals, OG&E is offering a flexible incentive program to its commercial, industrial, school and state agency customers to help recover some of the costs of these improvements

Oklahoma Customers

Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs

The Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency programs (CEEP and IEEP) provide rebates to customers that realize energy savings and make peak demand reductions--$250 per kW for approved projects that significantly reduce your peak demand. The program can be used for any energy efficiency upgrades like motors, geothermal, chillers, HVAC systems, compressed air or performance contracting.

These programs can help any customer justify energy efficiency improvements that reduce future energy bills.

Contact Forrest McGee at mcgeewf@oge.com or 405.553.3322.

Arkansas Customers

Commercial/Industrial Standard Offer Program

The Commercial/Industrial Standard Offer program provides incentives for the installation of a wide range of measures that reduce customer energy costs, reduce peak demand, and/or save energy in non-residential facilities such as public authority buildings, schools, hospitals and other industrial customers. In this program, large individual customers, energy service companies (ESCOs), and qualified contractors are eligible for incentive payments of $0.12/kWh for energy efficiency projects that significantly reduce energy. The Standard Offer program was designed to offer a flexible program to help larger customers achieve energy and demand savings.

All commercial and industrial customers on the PL and LPL rates are eligible for this program. Last year the average rebate for customers participating in the Commercial and Industrial Standard Offer program was $17,720.

Contact Robin Arnold at arnoldrk@oge.com or 479.649.2838.

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