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Our commitment to economic and community development is visible in the strong partnerships that we have developed with both the public and private sector. We work as a third party facilitator and resource to assist the local communities in our service area of Oklahoma and western Arkansas with their economic development efforts to help them achieve healthy business growth in the future.

We provide our communities with the tools necessary to move forward with economic development and to inform them of the processes involved in retaining existing business and recruiting new business.

Also we provide technical support to companies interested in expanding or relocating to territory.  Additionally, we provide the economic benefits of low cost, reliable electricity and the opportunities to purchase renewable wind power energy credits to companies and site selection professionals.

Oklahoma Economic Development

If your business is looking for a clean, renewable and cost effective source of electricity, it’s time you joined the Wind Revolution. We are not only Oklahoma's largest utility, but we control one of the largest Wind Power programs in the nation.

The crown jewel of the movement is the Centennial Wind Farm. Built in 2006, it is one of the few wind farms fully owned and operated by an electric utility. Its 80 turbines generate 120 megawatts of electricity dedicated exclusively to our customers, but the revolution doesn’t stop there. We’re committed to quadrupling our existing wind power production and expanding our transmission network to deliver rates below the national average.

Arkansas Economic Development

OG&E's service territory extends into western Arkansas, including the Fort Smith area. This city is enjoying tremendous industrial growth due to its natural resources and pro-business climate. Here are just a few reasons Fort Smith is a prime location for business:


Arkansas is a right-to-work state with local and state industrial training programs available for a variety of industries.

Fort Smith's electric rates are among the lowest in the nation. The city itself is in the middle of the largest producing natural gas field in the nation, providing low commercial, industrial and residential gas rates.


Fort Smith has it all: four airlines, a major waterway, an interstate, an extensive rail system and the longest runway in the state.

Fort Smith offers a wealth of incentives for commercial and industrial newcomers, from tax credits and low tax rates to a pro-business "Enterprise Zone."

For more information, please contact Richard Clements clemenrd@oge.com, Alba Weaver weaveran@oge.com or Richard Cornelison cornerl@oge.com in our Economic Development office.





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