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NBA Green Week

NBA Green Week Presented by Sprint is just one of the ways the league, its teams and players are taking steps to be more environmentally friendly.

NRDC Greening Advisor

NRDC has teamed up with professional sports organizations to create the EPA award-winning Greening Advisor—a guide to help pro sports teams implement eco-intelligent practices in their hometowns.

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Be an Energy Star
OGE for the Earth
Save the paper!

Save time and help the environment as well. Enroll in paperless billing today!

OG&E Wind Power

It's a wind-win for Oklahoma and the environment.

 Environmental Initiatives 



 8 Ways to promote sustainability all year long

  1. Sign up for, renewable wind power. Today, 12 percent of OG&E’s generation capacity is produced through wind power, exceeding a company goal of 10 percent set a decade ago. More than 10,000 OG&E customers—including the Thunder and Oklahoma’s two major universities, OU and OSU—participate in and support the OG&E wind power program.
  2. Go paperless. More than 38,000 OG&E customers have chosen not to receive a paper bill. Going paperless saves paper for printing and mailing bills and conserves fuel for bill delivery.
  3. Learn about your own energy use. OG&E’s free online energy management tool, myOGEpower, gives you a detailed account of the energy you’re using to help manage your energy more efficiently and lower your bills. Through this tool, you can compare your electricity use to that of your neighbor’s, and you can also see how your carbon impact compares to others and receive tips for how to reduce it.
  4. Make your home or business more energy efficient. Improving the energy efficiency of your home or business not only provides permanent savings and comfort but also reduces demand on OG&Es generating plants. OG&E offers several programs to help in this area. Residential customers with an income of less than $50,000 can receive free weatherization services. For others, OG&E offers a Home Energy Efficiency Program that includes a free air conditioner tune-up, up to $300 in duct sealing and tightening, and an insulation rebate up to $500. Business customers also can participate in energy efficiency programs, includingrebates for lighting and energy efficiency equipment upgrades. From 2008 to 2013, homes and businesses participating in these programs saved 251 million kWh, which resulted in 56 MW of demand reduction for OG&E.
  5. Switch to SmartHours®. Last summer, customers saved an average of $150 by switching to OG&E’s SmartHours price plan. They also helped shift 119 MW of electric usage off of peak hours, helped OG&E reduce more than 1 million truck dispatches and reduced 2,511 tons of CO2 as a result of their participation in SmartHours.
  6. Build a Positive Energy ™ Home. OG&E’s Positive Energy Home certification program offers the highest standards in home energy efficiency, meeting and often exceeding the specifications of the EPA’s Energy Star® home. Standards include high performance windows, increased insulation and installation of a high efficiency heat pump or geothermal system.
  7. Explore geothermal. If your heat and air system (HVAC) is more than eight years old, consider upgrading to a more efficient system. Geothermal offers the most bang for your environmental buck, drawing on the earth’s fairly constant ground temperature to heat and cool a building. OG&E offers a rebate of $375 per ton for residential and $250 per kW saved for commercial customers. There’s also a Federal tax credit of 30 percent for residential and 10 percent for business customers.
  8. Educate others. The Oklahoma Green Schools Program provides teachers and students state wide with environmental service-learning and hands-on inquiry-based investigations in energy, environmental quality, school site, waste and recycling and water. This year, OG&E donated $40,000 toward OGSP’s energy efficiency education initiatives, which included dedicated training and toolkits for teachers.


OKC Thunder Partnership is a Wind-Win!

The Oklahoma City Thunder scored a “wind-win” for our state by becoming the first club in the NBA to commit to offset 100 percent of its annual electricity consumption with renewable wind power. This thunderous move is possible following a recent agreement with Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company (OG&E).

About Our Environmental Initiatives

OGE Energy Corp. has several initiatives centered around protecting the environment.  Our main areas of focus include: 

  • Environmental stewardship

  • Public environmental education and environmental promotions

  • Heightened environmental involvement by company employees

  • Growing and nurturing environmental awareness in the community

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