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It’s a "wind-win" for everyone 

From sailing ships, grinding corn and wheat, pumping water and powering saw mills, wind has been a natural resource of power generation for years.  Today, wind power has emerged as an important industry that contributes much more than just electricity.  Wind farms that dot Oklahoma contribute important tax revenue for schools and communities, provide income for land owners and create jobs. 

Attracting new talent to work in the wind industry and in the OG&E Wind Power program has provided OG&E the opportunity to offer scholarships to students interested in pursuing renewable energy studies.  These new management and technical job opportunities did not exist even a few years ago.  

OG&E has been a leader in helping the industry get started. In 2003, we purchased the power rights to Sooner Wind Farm near Woodward, Oklahoma.  Since then we have developed additional wind resources including Centennial Wind Farm, wholly owned by OG&E.  OG&E has a total wind capacity exceeding 800 megawatts which is approximately 12% of our total electric generation. 

OG&E is particularly proud of its partnership with the University of Oklahoma on the development of OU Spirit near Woodward and the new OSU Cowboy Wind Farm near Blackwell.  Both universities have exhibited extraordinary leadership in making their respective campuses national examples of environmental stewardship. 

 Level  Percent Of Annual kWh Usage REC Price Per kWh
 A  25  $0.0045 per kWh
 B  50  $0.0040 per kWh
 C  100  $0.0035 per kWh
 D  Large commercial and industrial customers  Contact OG&E

To help create a cleaner energy future, sign up for OG&E Wind Power. We offer four different use levels of wind power RECs which you will be billed at your selected level for 12 months.

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