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About Paperless Billing 

 Paperless Billing Q&A

Why is OG&E offering paperless billing? 
Many customers have requested an option to stop receiving paper bills and OG&E wants to meet those needs.  Going paperless also is better for the environment – less paper to print the bills and less fuel used to deliver them.

How do I sign up for paperless billing? 
There are several ways to sign up for paperless billing.  You may sign up online at www.oge.com or  by calling customer service Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 405-272-9741 locally or 1-800-272-9741.

Do I have to sign up for paperless billing to access my account information online or to pay my bill online? 
No.  Going paperless is simply a choice you now have.  Signing up for online services allows you to pay your bill online, with the option of receiving a paper bill if you wish.

What do I use for verification of electric service in situations such as school enrollment? 
You can print out a copy of your bill online at www.oge.com.  There is also an existing “verification of service” letter that is acceptable for situations such as school enrollment.  At www.oge.com , you can request that this letter be mailed to you, e-mailed, faxed or printed.

Does OG&E charge for paperless billing?
No! With paperless billing there is no sign-up, transaction or service fees charged by OG&E.

My e-mail address has changed. How do I redirect my OG&E Online Billing notifications to my new address?

Click the Change User Name, Password, E-mail Addresses link here or on the menu to the left. Edit the primary e-mail address field and hit the “Change” button.   Remember, you are responsible for paying your bill each month, even if you don’t receive an e-mail notification.

I no longer have access to my e-mail account that I used to sign up for paperless billing, how do I know when my bill is available?
When your current bill is available, you can view it online at www.oge.com. Remember, you are responsible for paying your bill each month, even if you don’t receive an e-mail notification.

I have forgotten my user name and/or password. What should I do?
Click the Forget Password link here or on the on the menu to the left and answer one of the questions. We will e-mail your user name and password to the address currently in your registration file.

Why should I consider going paperless? 
There are many reasons customers are choosing to go paperless – it’s the most environmentally friendly choice, it is more secure because there is no paper trail and it’s convenient and easy.  You can also get your bill sooner by going paperless – you don’t have to wait to receive your bill in the mail.

I just signed up for paperless billing, what happens next? 
You will receive a written confirmation in the mail with the terms and conditions of paperless billing that you agreed to when signing up.  When your bill is ready each month, you will receive an e-mail stating that your bill is ready to be viewed online.

I am on paperless billing, but I didn’t receive an e-mail telling me my bill is ready.  Why not? 
There are several reasons why this could be happening.  Make sure that you are not blocking e-mail from OGE and that your inbox is not full.  Also verify that the e-mail address on your account is correct.  You can do this online at www.oge.com by logging on to your account and selecting the “Change User Name, Password, E-mail Addresses” option on the left column. 

How do I read the Currents newsletter that came with my paper bill? 
You can access Currents online for the latest news and information from OGE.  However, due to its size, we will not e-mail a copy with your bill notification.

Can I have notifications sent to multiple e-mail addresses? 
Yes, you can send the notification to as many e-mail addresses as you want.  Some customers use this to send a notification to both their work and home e-mail accounts.

I didn’t sign up for paperless billing, but I received a letter in the mail stating I did.  Why? 
Someone with access to your account set up paperless billing on your behalf.  Check with other members of your household or others you may have shared your account details with.  If you don’t want to go paperless, please call customer service Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 405-272-9741 locally or 1-800-272-9741 and request to be removed from paperless billing.

Why does OG&E send a paper confirmation that I am going paperless? 
We want to make sure that the person responsible for paying the bill knows the account is going paperless.

Can I still sign up for Auto Pay? 
Yes.  In fact, this is a great complement to paperless billing, making it even more convenient.

How will I receive cut-off notices if I am paperless?  
There are multiple levels of cut-off notices.  There is a 10-day notice that is mailed separately from your bill.  This will continue to be mailed separately.  There is also a 48-hour notice that is printed on existing bills.  This will be printed on your on-line bill.  Please remember, you are responsible for your bill even if you receive an electronic notice of your bill.



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