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Our Disconnection Policy 

For Oklahoma Customers

Take a moment to understand the terms under which service can be disconnected, situation in which disconnection may be delayed, reconnection fees and the steps you can take to dispute your bill:

  • OG&E issues two separate notices prior to electric service disconnection: a 10-day notice and a 48-hour notice.

  • The notices explain the reason for the disconnection, the total amount past due and the date when service may be disconnected if payment arrangements have not been made.

  • OG&E also calls you with a 48-hour notice and another call is made the day before the service disconnection.

  • If a cut-off of service will cause a life-threatening situation to someone living in your home, OG&E may delay the cut-off up to 30 days.

  • Certain certification procedures may be required to verify the existence of such a life-threatening condition.

  • When the temperature is actually, or predicted to be, 101 degrees Fahrenheit heat index or higher on the day of disconnection, OG&E will suspend its disconnection of service activity.

  • If the high temperature is actually, or predicted to be, 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below on the day of disconnection or the night-time low is predicted to be 20 degrees Fahrenheit or less, OG&E will suspend disconnection of service.

  • If your service is disconnected, there will be a reconnect charge of $35.

  • In addition, if your account is not secured by a sufficient deposit, the amount of deposit required on your account may be increased.

  • When you dispute liability for any part of a bill or terms of payment, we will postpone disconnection of service pending an investigation.


  • If you are not satisfied with OG&E's investigation, you may contact the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Consumer Services Division, P.O. Box 52000, Oklahoma City, OK  73152-2000, telephone 405.521.2331 or toll-free at 800.522.8154


For Arkansas Customers

Although we will work with you to avoid having to suspend service, it may be suspended after proper notice for any of the following reasons: 

  • A bill for utility service remains unpaid after the close of business on the last day to pay as printed on the most recent shut-off notice.

  • A former customer who owes an outstanding bill for service remains at the premises; a full-time occupant when the bill was incurred remains there; or a full-time user of the service when the bill was incurred remains there.

  • A current customer and a former customer who lived together at another location now live together at a new service location and the former customer owes a bill for service used during the time they lived together at a former location.

  • Failure to comply with a Public Service Commission order or the terms and conditions of a delayed payment agreement.

  • Failure to post a deposit.

  • Unauthorized or fraudulent use of the service, or tampering with utility equipment.

  • A misrepresentation of fact relevant to the conditions under which service was obtained.

  • Failure to pay a Commission-approved charge associated with the provision of service and billed by the Company.

  • Refusal to grant the Company access at reasonable times to its equipment at the customer’s location.

  • Violation of the Company’s rules designed to prevent interference with the use of service by other customers.

  • Violation of the Company’s rules pertaining to the use of non-standard equipment or unauthorized attachments.

  • Violation of federal, state or local laws or regulations.

  • Abandonment of the premises served.



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