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What Is SmartHours?  

SmartHours is a price plan that lets you take control of your summer electricity bills. It’s simple. Go off peak, when energy costs less and start saving ...

Save all Summer Long!

Last summer, from June 1 to September 30, thousands of OG&E customers saved big bucks. In fact, over 99% of SmartHours customers saved money, with an average savings of nearly $150. And some saved $100 per month—that’s $400 during summertime months.

Qualify for a Free SmartTemp Thermostat

You may qualify for a free intelligent thermostat—a $300 value—which you can program for your comfort or control manually. No wonder SmartTemp users saved an additional 20% on the program. Better still, during the free installation our technicians will check and seal the main plenum of your ductwork if needed–free.

Risk Free

OG&E’s SmartHours Price Plan is no risk. At the end of your first year on the program, OG&E promises to credit your account the full difference if you pay more for electricity used than you would have on the rate you were on prior to SmartHours. And customers age 65 or over receive an additional $5 monthly discount during the summer.

How SmartHours Works

It costs more to generate and use electricity during peak periods of high customer demand. Other factors, like weather conditions and the time of year, can also drive prices higher. SmartHours, sometimes known as Variable Peak Pricing (VPP), allows you to save when costs are lower, or off peak.

During the summer, peak hours are 2 to 7 p.m. weekdays, and prices during those hours vary based on demand. Each day, you’ll receive advance notice of the next day’s peak price—by your choice of phone, text, email or all three—so you can manage your energy use. You can also find the daily price notifications in the Additional Resources column to the right. On occasion, a critical event could be called during high demand. While these are rare, they can occur any day of the week, at any time of the year and last up to 8 hours. Critical event notices are sent at least 2 hours ahead.

additional resources

Setting Your SmartTemp Thermostat
SmartHours Daily Price Signal

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