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SmartHours pricing began June 1, with the first day for peak hours being Monday, June 2. Thousands have already switched and saved big last summer -- you can too! If you're already on the program, here are some smart tips to help you save more: 

Get your FREE SmartTemp thermostat

SmartTemp users saved 46 percent more last summer. With the SmartTemp thermostat you can program your preferences to automate big savings. So if you don't have one already, make your appointment now -- it's a $300 value, FREE -- and you can even schedule Saturday installation.

Pay attention to High and Critical price days (and save big)

A critical event could be called during extremely high demand, and while rare, those notices are sent at least 2 hours ahead. And you won’t believe how much savings you can realize if you shift as much energy usage as you can out of those peak hours during Critical and High price days!

Pre-cool your home (and stay cooler)

Many of our biggest savers find the longer you pre-cool, the longer you can keep the A/C off during peak weekday hours. Start cooling around 11 a.m.—maybe 4 degrees cooler—then bump up the thermostat at 2 p.m. That can allow you to remain comfortable with fans during even the hottest days, well past 5 or 6 in the afternoon.And by 7 p.m., off-peak rates start again!

Please contact us at 877-898-3834 with any questions you have. We appreciate your participation in the SmartHours program.

 Setting your SmartTemp Thermostat
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