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Energy information @ myOGEpower

Learn more about your home's energy use and what you can do to reduce your costs.
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Once you have a communicating smart meter, you’re part of OG&E’s Smart Grid community. You can enroll and log on to the myOGEpower energy information website. There you’ll find detailed information about your energy use, including the electricity you’ve used so far that day, week, or month. And it’s available at no extra charge. 

Compare your current estimated bill to the previous month’s, and get tips that will help you manage your power more wisely. With easy-to-read charts, you can see how raising or lowering your thermostat a few degrees and turning off lights and computers can impact your bill and your pocketbook.

myOGEpower also gives you the tools to compare your home or business to others in the area, as well as view the impact your energy use has on the environment. In no time, you’ll be able to use this information to help better manage your energy bills.

Working together, we can learn to use energy more efficiently and still meet the growing demand for electricity. So let’s take control and change the way all of us think about energy.  Because the more you and OG&E know your power, the better decisions we can make today.  That’s Positive Energy Together®. 

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