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A Home Improvement that Really Pays You Back 

Oklahoma Customers

Home Energy Efficiency Program (HEEP)

It pays to save energy. And with OG&E's Home Energy Efficiency Program, you can!  Our HEEP program is now FREE to all residential customers. This program begins with an online audit -- a Custom Energy Report-- providing up-to-the minute usage and cost information as well as customized recommendations for improving your home's efficiency.

With HEEP, you can receive:

  • A FREE cooling system service (a $85 value)*
  • The first pound of A/C system refrigerant, if needed
  • If needed, up to $300 in duct system repair and tightening
  • If eligible, an attic insulation rebate of 30 percent of the cost of additional insulation, up to $500

Having your A/C system serviced increases its performance to help keep your home more comfortable, all while lowering your summer bill. Regular servicing of your A/C unit will help it last longer and save you even more. OG&E's HEEP offering will send a licensed A/C contractor to your home to get your system ready for summer.

Sign up today and start saving a heap!  

* Homes that received an A/C tune-up or duct work inspection as part of the former HEEP program are not eligible forthese services, but CAN receive the insulation rebate.

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