Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management

We've been recognized as an Arbor Day Foundation Tree Line USA since 1999 in recognition of our commitment to proper tree pruning, planting and care while delivering safe and reliable electricity.

To control the estimated 2.3 million trees growing near overhead power lines throughout our territory, we prune and remove trees on a regular schedule with certified line-clearance arborists. Ice storms and high winds can take a toll on the energy grid we all rely on.  

Our Tree Pruning Philosophy

OG&E has been a certified Tree Line USA® Utility for more than 20 years. Our vegetation management team includes members who are Certified Arborists® and/or Certified Utility Specialists®, credentials they earn from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Our contracted service providers also hold these same ISA certifications. Plus, our members have college degrees in forestry with urban forestry as a specialty, and one is an Oklahoma Registered Professional Forester. Certified Applicators through the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry also are part of the OG&E vegetation management effort. Another way we demonstrate our passion for urban forestry is through volunteer and monetary support of the Oklahoma Urban and Community Forestry Council. 

We have initiated a three-step process to manage vegetation around our electric grid to prevent service disruptions and reduce costs in a sustainable manner. 

  1. Manage vegetation by physically pruning or removing undesirable plants and.  
  2. Apply environmentally-approved selective herbicides to control undesirable plants, preventing them from growing back  
  3. Promote and manage desirable plants around facilities to “crowd out” returning weeds.  

We have begun selective use of tree growth regulators (TGRs), which are designed to inhibit growth rates of trees adjacent to the power lines while maintaining the health of those trees. This approach has proven to be a cost effective method to control vegetation in areas that are difficult for our crews to access, typically in urban areas around back yard distribution lines. 

Customers can help minimize outages by making sure to plant the right tree in the right place

OG&E has a duty to perform maintenance on and in the public utility easement(s) located on the property to ensure the integrity of their wires and facilities. Okla. Admin. Code §165:35-25-3 requires the maintenance of all transmission lines up to and including the point of delivery to the customer. The applicable rules governing maintenance and safety operations derive from the National Electric Code (NEC) issued by the National Fire Protection Association. 

Okla. Admin. Code § 165:35-25-14 requires utility companies to maintain a vegetation plan in order to ensure reliable service and prevent electrical interruption. This obligation is in addition to Okla. Admin. Code §165:35-25-15, which requires utility companies to perform vegetation management at minimum on a 4-year cycle, unless otherwise needed. 

For urban areas, OG&E is directed to make a reasonable attempt to contact a property owner at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the trimming of vegetation. Okla. Admin. Code § 165:35-25-16. Vegetation management related to emergency repairs are exempt from this requirement.  

More information is available on our Frequently Asked Questions page


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