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Home Energy Efficiency Program

Take Control of Your Energy Bill

The Simple
Path to Savings

OG&E’s eScore™ tool provides personalized, step-by-step solutions to lower your energy costs and make your home more comfortable. It all starts with a simple 10-question quiz.

Take yours today to see if you qualify for a free In-Home Energy Assessment that includes:

  • Up to 15 free LED bulbs
  • Free advanced power strips (as needed)
  • A Home Energy Report with recommended improvements and available rebates

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Keep Cool and Save More

In addition to a Home Energy Profile, an OG&E A/C Tune-up can help you lower your energy costs even more. Your participating contractor will inspect, measure, clean and correct your A/C unit to ensure it’s working as efficiently as possible.

Schedule Your A/C Tune-up Today

Contact a participating contractor directly or email with any questions.

A/C Tune-up benefits include:

  • Instant incentives—$100 for 1.5–2.5 ton units and $150 for 3–5 ton units
  • Longer-lasting, better-working equipment
  • Greater energy efficiency

Savings on the Shelves

OG&E has partnered with local retailers to provide instant incentives and mail-in rebates on select energy-saving products.


ENERGY STAR certified LEDs use 70–90 percent less energy and can last more than 15 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. In fact, a single LED can save you around $80 in energy costs over its lifetime. Look for our special pricing labels at local retailers to switch on the savings with instant discounts.

Smart Thermostats

How smart are smart thermostats? Smart enough to be controlled from your smartphone, know when you’re home and automatically adjust the temperature for optimal comfort and savings. Even smarter: Select models come with a $100 rebate.

Mail-in Rebate: $100

The Smart Thermostat Rebate program is fully subscribed. Funds will become available January 1, 2020. Please check back then.

Even More Ways to Save

OG&E also offers rebates for energy-efficient upgrades to your home. These rebates include: air sealing, insulation, duct sealing, ENERGY STAR certified windows, ENERGY STAR certified variable-speed pool pumps, and A/C or heat pump replacement. Contact a qualifying contractor to get started on your project today.

Air Sealing

Sealing the small cracks and openings in your home saves energy and helps keep dust, drafts, allergens and other pollutants from entering your home. A qualified contractor can diagnose the problem spots and fix them.

Rebates: $100 for 15 percent reduction in air leakage | $150 for 30 percent reduction in air leakage

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Improving your insulation is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency and comfort of your entire home. Using a professional, licensed contractor to install insulation will make all the difference.

Rebates: $0.15/sq. ft. for attic insulation | $0.50/sq. ft. for wall insulation

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Duct Sealing

By evaluating, sealing and repairing your duct system as needed, a qualified contractor can help you reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 20 percent.

Rebates: $225 for 25–50 percent reduction | $275 for 51–75 percent reduction | $300 for 76–100 percent reduction

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ENERGY STAR Certified Windows

Replacing old windows with high-efficiency ENERGY STAR certified windows lowers household energy costs by an average of 12 percent nationwide. Contact a local professional window contractor to start saving today.

Rebate: $50 per window

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A/C or Heat Pump Replacement

Sometimes, you just need an upgrade. That’s why we offer great incentives on qualifying high-performance A/C and heat pump systems. Contact a participating licensed contractor to determine the size that’s best for your home.

Rebates: $80/ton for 16 SEER | $100/ton for 17 SEER | $120/ton for 18 SEER

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ENERGY STAR Certified Variable-speed Pool Pumps

It’s simple: more speeds, more savings. Slowing down your variable-speed pool pump can reduce energy use by over 85 percent. Your local pool professional will help you select the right pump and install it properly.

Rebate: $300 per pool pump

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Getting Started is Easy

Getting started is easy:

1. Schedule a qualifying service installation with a contractor of your choosing.

2. Fill out and submit a rebate application.

3. Enjoy the savings.

* Rebates are available to OG&E residential customers in Arkansas who own or rent a home built prior to 2015 with electric air conditioning. With the exception of pool pump replacements, only residents of single-family permanent foundation homes may apply for a rebate. Service must be dated before Dec. 31, 2017. Funds are limited, and on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call 844-413-3065 to confirm rebate availability before scheduling your project.

Multi-Family Energy Efficiency

OG&E offers multi-family tenants and property owners energy-saving products like LEDs, energy-efficient shower heads, faucet aerators and advanced power strips at no cost. These products will be installed by qualified contractors who also perform duct and air sealing work to increase efficiency.

Property owners and managers, view our fact sheet to learn more and contact an Energy Advisor to schedule a walk-thru assessment. Call us at 844-413-3065 or email

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