Empty parking lot illuminated by tall bright lights
Illuminating Your World
Building upon the innovative Smart Grid platform, we’re replacing our street and security lights with smart LED lights throughout our service area.
Lighting Up Our Community

OG&E offers a variety of LED solutions for security lights, streetlights, and decorative lighting.

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OG&E is in the process of converting all streetlights to LED lights, which means enhanced visibility and security for our communities.
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LED Lights

LED lights are rated to last three times as long as incandescent bulbs and reduce energy use. 

Street light with bright security lights shining.

Security Lights

Smart LED lights allow us to remotely monitor and receive a digital notice if a light isn't working properly.

LED Streetlights

Streetlight Outages

Help our community by reporting any streetlight outage on a public street.

Road illuminated by streetlights at night.

Report Online or by Phone

Call 800-272-9741 or use our online form below.

Choose the Right LED for You

Our dedicated experts can recommend the right security, street or decorative lighting for your needs.

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Light Up Your Home or Business with OG&E

Our LED Lighting Guide is a helpful, free resource for customers.

LED Streetlights

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