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Bring on the EVs! OG&E teams up to develop EV-ready subdivision in Oklahoma City
Workers preparing the ground for a new EV-ready subdivision
Sep 26, 2023

Village Verde is a 480-acre community located in northwest Oklahoma City that’s a blend of residential, commercial, and common spaces built with environmental sustainability and energy efficiency as a requirement.

With rising demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and Village Verde developer’s bent toward sustainability, it made sense that the newest section of the thriving neighborhood plan to provide future residents with EV-charging capabilities.

“It’s one thing to have a few people around the neighborhood decide they want to install 240-volt EV chargers in their garage,” said Village Verde General Manager Kelly Parker, P.E. “But when we’re talking about 62 homes now and 700-800 more in the future sections, I knew we needed to reach out to OG&E to ensure we had the infrastructure in place to support the additional, future power needs.”

OG&E worked directly with Village Verde’s team to ensure every new development in the subdivision will be EV ready with safe access to a dedicated 240V power supply by expanding the grid infrastructure where the new homes will be built.

“At OG&E, we want to help our customers save money while encouraging renewables and responsible use of the energy grid. This project with Village Verde checks all those boxes,” said Aaron Cooper, manager of corporate communications at OG&E. “This is the first time we have worked with a developer in Oklahoma City to ensure the new residents will have EV-ready homes. It’s exciting to help our customers find solutions that help meet their energy and environmental goals. We appreciate the opportunity to work with Village Verde on this innovative and unique development.”

OG&E offers rebates and other incentives for drivers, builders, and homebuyers alike who install EV-ready chargers. Visit to learn more.


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