Grid Enhancement

As the world gets smarter, so does your energy grid.

The way we use energy today is vastly different than we did just a decade ago. Our reliance on mobile devices, computers and advanced technology is moving us to unprecedented demand for reliable and resilient electricity. Because of this, we've developed a Grid Enhancement Plan to better meet the needs of customers today and in the future.


Grid Enhancement Benefits 

Fewer outages in good weather and bad
We're upgrading and installing new equipment on overhead and underground power lines to reduce power outages caused by wildlife, severe weather and equipment failures. 

A smarter grid
We're making our Smart Grid smarter. We're adding technology that senses and isolates disruptions on our system, and automatically reroutes power for as many customers as possible. Armed with more accurate outage locations, crews can respond faster to restore power for remaining customers.

Maintaining low rates 
Following our grid enhancement investments, our rates will continue to be among the lowest in the nation. 

Grid Enhancement Map

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