Payment & Business Address

Payment Address

PO Box 24990, Oklahoma City, OK, 73124-0990

Business Address

OGE Energy Corp
OG&E Electric Services
PO Box 321, Oklahoma City, OK, 73101-0321

Services for Hearing Impaired

We are pleased to assist hearing and speech-impaired customers with the TTY to Voice device. Dial 711 or 800-722-0353 from the device to reach an operator who will contact OG&E on your behalf. The operator will verbally relay your typed message to our customer service representative, who will answer verbally as the operator types back to you.

For more information about the TTY to Voice device, you can visit Oklahoma Relay.

Spanish Speaking Customers

Spanish-Speaking Customers

Spanish-speaking customer service representatives can be reached by calling 800-272-9741.

Clientes de Habla Hispana

Nuestros representantes del servicio de atención al cliente en español pueden ser contactados llamando al 800-272-9741.



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