LED Street Lights

Building upon the innovative Smart Grid platform, we’re replacing our street and security lights with smart LED lights throughout our service area.

Smart LED lights allow us to remotely monitor and receive a digital notice if a light isn’t working properly. 

Other advantages of LED lighting include
•    Reduced energy use
•    Rated to last three times as long
•    Improved visibility and safety

We expect all cities we serve to have LED lights in place by 2023.

LED Lighting Fixtures

We offer a variety of LED lighting solutions from industry leaders in security lights, street lights and decorative lighting – a selection that offers safety, security and convenience. See our LED Lighting Guide for details 

Street Light Repairs

Street light repair times can vary depending upon the complexity of the repair. Because we are currently in the process of converting all of our lights to LED, the time to repair or replace an existing light could be extended. We ask for your patience during this conversion, which, once in place, will benefit all our customers. See our Street Light Frequently Asked Questions for details about street light repairs.

To report a street light outage on a public street, use our online reporting form or call Customer Service at 800-272-9741. 

Security Lights

If you’d like a security light for your home or business, contact Customer Service for costs and options. To report a security light outage (on your property) sign in to your account or call Customer Service.