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OG&E's Positive Energy Home

Building a new home? Let OG&E make sure it's built right!

positive energy home

Before starting any new construction, ask yourself: Is the home I’m building really energy efficient? Then take a look at an OG&E Positive Energy Home. These homes are built to OG&E’s standards through the energy efficient home certification program. 

Making the right decisions up front is crucial. And while state and local building codes set minimum requirements, OG&E’s Positive Energy Home offers a higher standard in efficiency – saving energy, money and more. These homes employ advanced materials and an innovative design to:

  • Increase energy efficiency and reduce utility costs.
  • Deliver a higher level of comfort in every season.
  • Provide a higher standard of construction value and overall quality.
  • Meet or exceed all specifications of a 2010 Energy Star® home.

Home Investments and Future Gains

When building a new home, take the time to explore forward-thinking investments in energy conservation. We’re ready to help with proven, professional recommendations such as:

  • Increased insulation
  • High-performance windows
  • Tight construction and tight ducts
  • Heating and cooling systems such as:
    • Duel Fuel: A combination of electricity and natural gas.
    • Total Electric: No fumes to vent, ultra-clean and whisper quiet.
    • Efficiency: A 14-SEER A/C paired with a 90% AFUE furnace.

For more information about how a Positive Energy Home will help you save energy, please call 844-882-5746.

What is a Positive Energy Home?

Watch this video to learn more about Positive Energy Homes and how to save electricity by building one.