Silver Energy

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OG&E's Silver Program serves senior customers.

OG&E is proud to offer the Silver Energy Program, which serves our most experienced customers with a suite of programs and services, volunteerism, and partnerships to increase comfort, safety, security and savings. We add security with LED lighting, reduce heating and cooling bills, and make homes more safe and energy efficient, all while saving you money each month. These energy-saving options help keep OG&E rates among the lowest in the nation, and the services are FREE.   

Also, as part of our community service commitment to our 60+ customers, we partner with non-profit agencies on projects that help silver customers, often contributing the time and talent of Silver Energy teams that are made up of volunteer employees.


It’s easy to increase your comfort and reduce your heating and cooling bills at no cost with OG&E’s Residential Weatherization Program. You could receive up to $3000 in services, which may include:
•    Adding attic insulation
•    Duct sealing
•    Weather-stripping around doors
•    Installing energy-saving LED light bulbs
•    Sealing air leaks around windows and doors
•    Other thermal improvements

Home Energy Efficiency Program

Learn how to save energy with our online Home Energy Profile. Complete your Home Energy Profile today to qualify for an In-Home Energy Assessment (a $300 value) that includes:
•    An expert walk-through analysis of your home’s energy efficiency
•    Up to 15 free LED bulbs
•    Power strips (as needed)
•    A custom Home Energy Report with recommended improvements

HEEP Rebates

We offer rebates for a variety of energy-saving projects, including attic insulation and windows. In addition, an A/C Tune-up can help you lower your energy costs even more.

Billing Options Perfect for You

OG&E offers several options that can fit your lifestyle.

•    Average Monthly Billing (AMB), known as Levelized Billing in Arkansas, is designed to level out those unusually high bills that occur during months of high electricity use. Your total annual cost for electricity remains the same, but you have the convenience of a more consistent bill each month.
•    Guaranteed Flat Bill (GFB) is an option for Oklahoma customers that means you’ll pay the same monthly amount for your electric bill for one full year – regardless how much electricity you use during the summer or winter.  
•    Time-of-Use Rates benefit customers age 65 and older because they qualify for a $5.00 monthly credit, June through September. This billing option rewards decreased usage during peak summer demand hours. That’s a guaranteed initial summer savings of $20.00!

Silver Energy Partners and Projects

OG&E partners with social services agencies to provide comfort, safety and security to residents in the towns and cities we serve. We know that many of our silver customers need help making improvements to their homes. OG&E provides each employee with 16 hours of paid volunteer time each year. We have prioritized Silver Energy projects to directly benefit from these volunteer hours.

•    United Way. In support of the United Way’s mission, our employees contributed nearly $1.2 million to United Way through our workplace giving last year. Recipients like the Areawide Aging Agency, Rebuilding Together, Urban League of Central Oklahoma, The Salvation Army and others have programs and services which directly benefit our silver customers.  
•    Fan Donations. For over a decade, OG&E has provided 1,000 electric fans each summer to low-income and silver residents in 12 communities across Oklahoma and western Arkansas.  Using a fan can keep residents cool while reducing costs.  
•    Cool Zones. Each summer, OG&E partners with nearly 300 local libraries, shopping centers, senior centers, churches and other locations to open Cool Zones to provide heat relief during the hot Oklahoma and western Arkansas summers.

Other Ways Our Senior Customers Can Benefit

Instant Savings on LED Lighting
Look for special pricing from OG&E at local retailers for instant savings on highly efficient, long-lasting LED light bulbs. No coupons are required. The OG&E offer is clearly marked on the shelves with the qualifying bulbs.

Third-Party Notification
Add a family member or friend to receive a notification if there is a status change to your electric account. Just call OG&E from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at 800-272-9741.  

Assistance Services
In partnership with The Salvation Army, OG&E Lend-a-Hand assists qualified customers with financial aid to help pay for electricity, gas, fuel or firewood. Contact 405-840-0735 or the Salvation Army office in your area for more information.

Low Income Assistance Program
LIAP is available to customers who qualify through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. Qualified customers receive a $10 per month credit on their bill.

Scam Prevention
Scam prevention education is important for our customers' safety and security. Protect yourself from scammers by knowing how OG&E conducts business and what you should expect.

Silver Energy Sweep

Our 10-week Silver Energy Sweep in Muskogee, Oklahoma, is keeping seniors safe and secure, while also helping them save energy and money.