It's SmartHours Season!

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Sign up by calling 877-898-3834 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., M-F, to switch to risk-free OG&E SmartHours® from your current price plan and join thousands of neighbors saving money. 

Already a SmartHours customer?

The 2021 SmartHours season began Tuesday, June 1, 2021. The season will run through Thursday, September 30, 2021.

Not on SmartHours but interested in participating? Here’s how SmartHours works:

It costs more to produce electricity during peak periods, from 2-7 p.m., M-F. So, in the summer when you shift some of your electricity use to the other 19 hours of the day, plus every weekend and national holiday, you can cut your energy costs considerably. As a SmartHours residential customer, you pay nearly HALF-PRICE for your electricity during the 19 off-peak hours each weekday, all 48 weekend hours and on national holidays. 

SmartHours customers receive day-ahead price notifications daily via your choice of email, phone or text. You can adjust your SmartHours price notification preferences at

It's a great time to be a SmartHours customer as SmartHours is getting SMARTER:

We have teamed up with IFTTT to take the program to the next level.
“If This, Then That” is enabling technology that works with your smart thermostat to react to daily price signals. Connect IFTTT to your smart thermostat. Then set your thermostat to react to low, standard, high and critical rates that OG&E communicates daily. IFTTT will take it from there! Get started here.

IFTTT and SmartHours connections currently work with ecobee and Honeywell thermostats. More smart thermostats will be added to the program regularly. Check back here soon to see if yours is offered!  

We have some tips for how to take advantage of that nearly half-price electricity but still keep your cool:

- Pre-cool your home or business by programming your thermostat to start cooling around 11 a.m., maybe 4 degrees cooler than it’s normally set, then bump up the thermostat at 2 p.m. This can help you remain comfortable well past 6 in the evening. And by 7 p.m., off-peak rates start again! Since cooling is 20% of your summer energy costs, it’s the simplest way to save. So get to know your thermostat and double-check your summer settings now.

- You're FANtastic. You’ve pre-cooled, but is it warming up? Turn on fans before touching the thermostat and you’ll stay comfortable longer.

- Schedule the laundry, dishes, vacuuming and more for off-peak hours or the weekend.

- Run pool pumps at night, without affecting water quality.

- Wait to charge forklifts or stock refrigerators or freezers during off-peak hours.

- Shut off unused lights and computers at the end of the day.

- Get out of the house and do something fun for the afternoon like see a movie, get ice cream or go bowling!

- Check off your grocery list by making a trip during the afternoon. You'll get that task over with so you can enjoy nearly half-price electricity all weekend long!

Other ways to save year-round

Take advantage of one of our energy efficiency programs: Weatherization or Home Energy Efficiency Program

Keep track of your usage and your savings with our energy management tool: Energy Insights

Get insight about the energy you use by viewing your Energy Insights on your Dashboard once signed in. This online tool gives you the knowledge you need about the power you use. Monitor your electricity use monthly, weekly, daily and even by the hour. With easy-to-read charts and graphs, you can view and track your energy use and get a bill estimate to date.

Have questions? 

Please see our SmartHours FAQs or contact the SmartHours call center at 877-898-3834 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., M-F.

Thanks for being a current or future SmartHours customer.