Pay Your Bill Online

Save paper, postage and time by paying your bill online at no charge.

Pay your bill here.

Pay By Mail

Use the return envelope provided with your bill and mail a check, money order, or cashier’s check to:


PO BOX 24990

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73124-0990

Pay In Person

Pay at a kiosk with cash, check, credit, or debit. For residential accounts, there is a $1.50 service charge for cash payments; for credit or debit cards, the fee is $3.50. The fee for commercial accounts is 1.5% for cash payments or 2.75% for cards. OG&E does not receive any portion of the service charge.

Check here for the closest kiosk location.

Pay By Phone

You can easily pay by phone. There is a $2 service fee for savings or checking account transactions. Credit or debit card payments on residential accounts are charged a service fee of $3.50 for up to $600. This fee is 2.75% for commercial accounts. OG&E does not receive any portion of the payment processing fees.

Call U.S. Payments at 877-306-9274.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Receive and send your billing information electronically with EDI.

Contact us to get started.

Combined Billing

If your business requires that you receive 10 or more separate bills from OG&E, we can combine them into one monthly payment.

Contact us to get started.