The table below outlines our four—phase construction process, including our typical timelines and the activities performed in each phase, based on the project type. Activities can occur in parallel and may require your commitment and cooperation.

If any activities or timelines listed below do not meet your expectations, please either let us know when you fill out your construction application or when you speak to your project manager.

Project Type

  • Establish Customer Contact
  • Review site plans
  • Interpret Load Information
  • Review project specific information
  • Conduct Site Visit *
  • Determine Path
  • Calculate Project Cost
  • Develop Schedule
*Requires customer commitment and cooperation.
  • Perform Load Capacity Study
  • Engineering
  • Sketch Design
  • Obtain Right-of-Way / Easement *
  • Obtain Permits (where applicable)
  • Verify Path
*Requires customer commitment and cooperation.
  • Perform Staking
  • Establish Dropsite for Material Delivery
  • Perform Vegetation Management (tree trimming)
  • Job Site Readiness *
  • Sign Conditions for Construction/Installation Agreement *
  • Verify Customer Payment (if applicable)*
  • Conduct Pre-Construction Meeting (Large/Complex Projects)
*Requires customer commitment and cooperation.
  • Installation of Facilities
  • Obtain Electrical Inspection *
  • Cut Over Facilities
  • Installation of Meter (Inspection Required)
  • Project Close Out
*Requires customer commitment and cooperation.