Man looking at mobile device analyzing business pricing options.
Business Rates
OG&E offers business customers programs that are designed to lower costs and create a better energy future.

With a variety of programs to choose from, it’s simple to choose the price plan that works for your business. View your enrollments or explore your options below.

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Average Monthly Billing

Level out your bills with Average Monthly Billing.

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Shift your summer usage and save all season long.

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Solar Power

No rooftop panels required - anyone can sign up for Solar Power.

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Wind Power

Meet sustainability requirements with clean, abundant wind energy.

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Guaranteed Flat Bill

Pay the same amount every month for one full year.

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Woman looking at laptop screen reviewing her billing and payment options.
Billing & Payment Options
Choose from several ways to receive your bill and make payments.
Businessman typing on laptop looking for information on Energy Efficiency.
Energy Efficiency
We offer energy-saving options, services, and incentives through our Commercial and Industrial energy efficiency programs.
Person typing on laptop searching in the FAQs section.
Find details about SmartHours, Guaranteed Flat Bill, and more. Option - Find quick and easy answers to common questions, billing, and policies.