Electric Vehicles

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Start Every Day with a Full Tank
Be an environmental steward with an affordable, reliable, electric ride.
Benefits of Electric Vehicles

With sticker prices dropping and ranges exceeding 200 miles, more families are opting for an electric vehicle (EV), with many making it their second car.

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Low Maintenance
EVs can be charged at home. They do not require oil changes or replacement parts, and the brakes have a longer life span. An EV is not only a "green choice," but an economic one, too.
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Cost Savings

On average, it costs about half as much to drive an electric vehicle.

OG&E’s EV Savings Calculator shows how much you can save by “fueling” with electricity. Compare the savings and see which EV model is right for you.

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Zero Emissions
EVs are zero-emission vehicles; that means no tailpipe, no heat, and no byproducts of gasoline combustion. The Department of Energy reports that a gas vehicle emits 75 lbs. of CO2 during a 100-mile trip compared to 32 lbs. of CO2 emitted from a power plant to power an EV for the same trip. And when you rely on OG&E’s renewable power, like solar or wind, the emissions are even less for EVs.
How Easy is Home Charging?

Buy or Lease an EV

EV owners can qualify for federal and state incentives and auto insurance discounts. The pre-owned market for EVs is also growing, or many are choosing to lease rather than buy an EV.

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Try Before You Buy

What to know before a test drive.

EVs are Evolving

From the state-of-the-art amenities, to the head rush of immediate torque and the prestige of going green, EVs are an exciting, growing industry.

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Plug In and Get Going

You don't even have to contact us if you get an EV. Just charge up at home using a standard wall outlet, or have an electrician install a Level 2 plug for even faster charging.

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