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OG&E Solar Power Program
Do I have to buy and install?

You don’t have to buy solar panels; you will receive similar benefits without the cost and maintenance of having a solar system installed on your home or business. Instead of purchasing panels you receive the energy generated from an OG&E solar farm.

Some solar door-to-door salespeople are stating that they are OG&E approved contractors or partners. This is FALSE. OG&E does NOT have any solar panel installation partners. We DO NOT recommend or partner with ANY company selling solar generation equipment. 

Are you considering going solar, but you're not sure where to start? Use the Solar Calculator to see which solar option is the best fit for you.

How does OG&E Solar Power work?

Customers can sign up in increments of 10% and up to 50% of their annual energy. Annual energy is the average of the last 12 months at an address or estimated if you have less than 12 months of billing history. The amount of solar energy (kWh) billed each month will be based on the percentage you signed up for and the amount of solar power produced by the farm.

How is OG&E Solar Power different from Customer-Owned Solar?

Our program allows you to subscribe in increments of 10% and up to 50% of solar energy from OG&E solar farms to offset your current bill. Instead of purchasing panels you receive the energy generated from an OG&E solar farm. Customer-owned solar uses solar energy from panels you purchase and install on your home or business to offset what you would have used from OG&E. The excess energy produced by the rooftop panels is transferred to the OG&E grid in exchange for credits on your bill.

I am a renter – can I still enroll in OG&E Solar Power?

Yes. Participating in the program does not require you to install solar panels on your residence.

Will the service to my home or business be affected when the sun is not generating electricity?

No, you will continue to have electric service during nights and cloudy days, as traditional electricity sources will provide you with service.

Can I be on solar power and wind?

Yes, if you sign up for OG&E Wind Power, your wind amount will be applied to the remaining usage after your solar power has been deducted. For example, if you have 50% wind option and 10% solar option, once your 10% solar usage has been deducted, the wind option would apply to the remaining 40% of your monthly usage. If you are currently an OG&E Wind Power customer with 100% wind offset, your energy use will be offset by solar first. Then, the balance of your energy use will be offset by wind.

Why am I put on a waiting list?

During times of maximum capacity for solar power, we have to add customers to a waiting list. You’ll remain on the waiting list until capacity is available.

I am currently on Guaranteed Flat Bill (GFB). Can I still sign up for OG&E Solar Power?

GFB customers can switch to solar power at the end of their 12-month GFB term with no penalties. However, if you want to switch before the end of your GFB term, you may owe a balance. An OG&E Customer Service Advocate can help you determine the rate that is right for you.

Customer-Owned Solar
Do I need approval to install my generating facility?

Yes. You must submit an application for preliminary approval prior to installing your generating facility.

Will my system produce energy during a power outage?

For safety reasons, a private generating system's inverter that is connected to the Company's system is designed to shut down automatically when a power outage occurs.

If I am installing a portable generator, is an Interconnection Application required?

An Interconnection Application is not required if the generator is temporarily installed for emergency use only and is not running parallel with the Company's system.

Do I have to submit an Interconnection Application for my generating facility?

Yes, an Interconnection Application is required for all generating facility's that can send energy to the Company's system.  An Interconnection Application is needed to determine if:

  • there is enough capacity on the Company's system for energy sent from your generating facility,

  • any work needs to be performed and the cost of that work, and

  • a generating facility is compatible with the Company's system.

How long is the application process?

The Net Metering application review process is 30 business days from receipt of a complete application. If OG&E is not your energy supplier, you can apply to participate in Net Metering with your energy supplier.

What is an interconnection?

An "interconnection" is an electric connection between a utility's energy grid and a generating facility that has the capability to send energy to that grid. Generating facilities that can send energy to a utility's energy grid are also referred to as Distributed Generation (DG).

Why could my Interconnection Application be delayed or denied?

An Interconnection Application could be delayed or denied if required information is incomplete or missing, the inspection is delayed, or if the generating facility size requires engineering approval.

Where do I find the Technical Specification Sheet?

The Technical Specification Sheet can be found with the inverter's instruction manual. It can also be found on the inverter manufacturer's website. The Technical Specification Sheet must be submitted with the Interconnection Application.

Do I need to install an external disconnect switch to interconnect my generating facility?

Yes. OG&E Distributed Energy Resources Interconnection Standards requires a visible break, lockable disconnect switch installed outdoors and within 10 foot of the production meter (Oklahoma) or within 10 feet of the NET meter (Arkansas).

Can you recommend a reputable installer?

We're sorry, but OG&E cannot recommend an installer for your project.


I am installing additional generating capacity on my generating facility but not exceeding my inverter nameplate capacity, do I need to resubmit new Interconnection and Net Metering applications?
New Interconnection and Net Metering applications must be resubmitted any time a generating facility is being changed, replaced, or upgraded, causing the operational characteristics to change (e.g., kW size, inverter type, etc.).
Is an Interconnection Application required if I am using micro-inverters?
An Interconnection Application is required for all inverter-based generation systems, including micro-inverters. On the application, enter the kW output value shown on one of the micro-inverter nameplates and the quantity of micro-inverters utilized in the generation system (1kW = 1000 watts). Where the application asks for the total capacity of the generation system, include the total nameplate capacity in kW (i.e., the sum of all nameplate ratings) of all micro-inverters.
Can I operate my generating facility prior to receiving the final written Permission to Operate?

No. You cannot operate your generating facility until:

(1) your Interconnection Application has been approved by OG&E, and

(2) OG&E has provided the Permission to Operate.

How do I start the Interconnection Application process?

You can start by visiting to access OG&E's Interconnection Application.

OG&E recommends completing the Interconnection Application online to expedite the application process; however, forms are available for download and can be emailed, faxed, or mailed to the address below:



Attn: Interconnect Services Department
321 N. Harvey


Oklahoma City OK, 73102

Fax: 405-553-3165

Does my generating facility need to be inspected by my municipality?

Please contact your municipality to determine if a final inspection is required. If no local government party has jurisdiction, the facility shall be inspected by a licensed electrician or licensed professional engineer.

What if I move into a property that has an existing generating facility installed?

If you move into a home or business with a generating facility already installed, you can participate in Net Metering by submitting an application for Interconnection. You do not need to submit a new Interconnection Application.


For more information, email

What is Net Metering?

When you participate in Net Metering, you can lower your energy bill by producing some of the energy you use with an eligible, generating facility. Your energy bills will reflect the net amount of energy you use (i.e., the amount of energy delivered to you minus the excess energy sent to OG&E's system). If the electricity generated by the net energy customer exceeds the electricity consumed by the net energy customer during the monthly billing period, the customer shall be credited, or paid, in dollars in the next billing period(s), at the applicable on or off-peak price of OG&E’s Avoided Energy Cost. View the current Net Energy Billing Option rates.

Can I participate in Net Metering?
You are eligible to participate in NEBO (Net Energy Billing Option) if you own or operate an eligible, generating facility less than or equal to 300kW (AC-rated) for your own use. To participate in NEBO, your system should be sized to meet some or all your energy needs and cannot produce more than 125% of your peak load. Systems that produce net excess energy with an installed capacity greater than 125% of the customer’s peak load are not eligible for the NEBO tariff; said systems will be defaulted to the QF Tariff for the provision of all billing services. Customer’s peak load shall initially be determined as a customer’s peak demand in kilowatts for the 12 months immediately prior to requesting service under this NEBO tariff. The peak load is subject to redetermination if significant changes in customer load occur and/or if modifications are made to the customer’s generating system.
What type of meter is needed to participate in Net Metering?

To participate in Net Metering, Oklahoma and Arkansas residents are required to have a bi-directional (NET) meter to capture delivered and received energy. Oklahoma residents are required to install an additional meter base to capture total energy produced by DER.

Does a smart meter measure total amount of energy I produce?

No. A smart meter records data on 6 channels. Channel 1 is the total kWh that is delivered to the customer. Channel 2 is the total kWh (Off Peak) that is delivered to the customer. Channel 3 is the total kWh (On Peak) that is delivered to the customer. Channel 4 is the total kWh that is delivered to OG&E. Channel 5 is the total kWh (Off Peak) that is delivered to OG&E. Channel 6 is the total kWh (On Peak) that is delivered to OG&E.

Is there a charge for the meter needed to participate in Net Metering?

No, there is no incremental charge for the smart meter which is needed to participate in Net Metering.

How long does it take to get the meter reprogrammed?

It may take up to seven business days after the Interconnection and Net Metering applications have been approved and the Interconnection process has been completed.

Will OG&E purchase my solar renewable energy credits (SRECs)?

No. OG&E cannot purchase SRECs.

Can I participate in OG&E’s Time of Use Pricing Program and Net Metering at the same time?
Yes, Time of Use is required to be on solar.
What is the largest generating facility I can install and participate in NEBO?

The maximum size of the generator cannot have a rated capacity of more than 300 kW to participate in NEBO. Your generating facility should be sized to meet some or all your energy needs and not produce more energy than you need annually.

Are there other factors that can impact solar energy production?

Energy production from solar energy systems can fluctuate because of several factors—clouds, darkness and dirty panels all limit energy production. Your generating facility may not produce all the energy you need. Prior to installation, understand how your system will operate under varying conditions, and how these conditions can impact your energy bill.

Does OG&E offer solar rebates?

Not currently.

Wind Power
Why is Oklahoma a good place for wind power generation?

Oklahoma is ranked 6th among states in the nation for wind power capacity. Our most productive wind power generation months are in the spring and the fall, with May being the best month. Consistent wind patterns such as we have in northwestern and western Oklahoma, provide the best opportunity for stable wind power generation. However, because the wind does not blow all the time as in the hot Oklahoma summer months, wind power will always be an incremental power generation solution to providing reliable electricity to our customers.

How is wind power sold?

Our wind power is sold in the form of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Each REC is equal to 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) or one megawatt-hour of energy.

How is the new wind program different from the Sooner Wind Farm offering?

The first program was tied to our first wind farm located near Woodward, OK.  Only those who were willing to sign-up for wind power received the benefits and/or the additional cost for this renewable energy source.  Our Centennial Wind Farm has made it so all our customers benefit from wind power.  Now, every kWh of wind power saves all OG&E customers money.

Which level of Wind Power should I sign up for?

You can choose from four levels of wind power participation. You will be billed at your selected level for 12 months.

Level A
25% of annual kWh usage
$0.0045 per kWh

Level B
50% of annual kWh usage
$0.0040 per kWh

Level C
100% of annual kWh usage
$0.0035 per kWh

Level D
Large commercial and industrial customers
Contact OG&E for information

A typical OG&E homeowner uses about 12,000 kWh a year. So, that homeowner's wind power charges would be:

Level A (25%)
Subscription: 3,000 kWh per month
Monthly charge: $1.13 per month

Level B (50%)
Subscription: 6,000 kWh per month
Monthly charge: $2.00 per month

Level C (100%)
Subscription: 12,000 kWh
Monthly charge: $3.50 per month

How long is a subscription period?

The initial period is one year. You can choose to unenroll anytime after the initial year.

Am I obligated to sign up each year?

No, you are not obligated to sign up each year. You may choose to leave the program anytime after the first year.

Who do I call if I have questions about my wind power subscription?

Please contact our Service Department at 405.272.9741 or at 800.272.9741

Renewable Energy Credit
What is an Renewable Energy Credit (REC)?

A REC indicates that 1,000 kWh of energy was generated from a renewable source such as wind or solar.

How much impact can an REC purchase have on the environment?

Purchasing as little as 1,000 kWh of wind power per month for one year is equivalent to removing 9 tons of emissions from the air.

Do all of the OG&E RECs come from wind power?

Yes, OG&E Wind Power Recs are supplied by our wind farms in northwest Oklahoma with the exception of Sooner Wind Farm.  The newest addition to our REC offering has been supplied by the OSU Cowboy Wind Farm near Blackwell.  This farm went into operation January 2013 with 67% of the power used by the OSU campus in Stillwater and the balance is available for purchases. Changing the published content inline

Can I sell my RECs from OG&E?

No, you may not sell your wind power RECs. However, you can choose to unenroll anytime after your first year.

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