Outage Support
OG&E members working on service trucks to restore power after a storm.
Power Restoration
Stay alert for hazards after your power is restored and know who to call if you find damage.
Focus on Safety

Some outages may damage electrical lines or meters. When it’s safe, assess damage around your home.

OG&E lineman working on downed lines to restore power in a service area affected by a storm.

Who Takes Care of What

Repairs to the wire that runs from the utility pole to your house and the meter are OG&E’s responsibility. Repairs to the cable that runs down the side of your house and the box that holds the meter are your responsibility. Having a qualified electrician perform the repairs you're responsible for helps ensure we can restore your power quickly after an outage.
OG&E crew assessing damage to trees and powerlines.

Storm Debris Cleanup

Following an act of nature, it’s your responsibility to dispose of tree debris. Following routine tree trimming, OG&E will move the debris to the to the curb, but it’s still your responsibility to dispose of it.

Farm weathervane after a storm

Answering the Call

OG&E is a member of the Midwest Mutual Assistance and Southeast Electrical Exchange. Member companies impacted by major outage events can increase their workforce with paid restoration workers from other companies in unaffected areas. 

info graphic showing trees, powerlines, a home, and the responsibility of maintenance between OG&E and the customer.



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Stormy clouds rolling in over a neighborhood home
Before the Outage
Outages can be surprising, so knowing how to stay safe and prepared is important. Don't be caught without essential supplies or rushing to prepare at the last minute.
Close up of rain on a window
During the Outage
Power outages can raise dangers you don’t expect.
Tree at an OG&E plant that’s been preserved and protected
Vegetation Management
Trees that grow into OG&E power lines can cause outages, create safety hazards and drain electricity off the electrical system.