Outage Support
Child looking out of the window during a storm
Staying Safe
Power outages can raise hazards you don't expect.
Accessing Equipment

As we work to restore power, it may be necessary to enter your yard or the area around your home to access our electrical equipment. Please ensure our crews have access and any animals are secured. 

Power line that has fallen down on a neighborhood road

Stay Away from Downed Lines

Downed power lines could be live, so always stay away. If a person or object is in contact with a power line, keep your distance—the electric current could flow through you. If your vehicle is in contact with a power line, stay inside the car and warn others stay away. Call 911 immediately in either of these situations.
Family working at their kitchen table during a storm

Stay Warm During Winter Outages

If you lose power during cold weather, open your curtains and blinds to let the sun warm the space. Cover windows at night to minimize heat loss. Place heaters on a hard, non-combustible surface. If the indoor temperature drops to 55°F, open faucets slightly so they drip to prevent pipes from freezing. Never use a gas range or charcoal for indoor heating.

Twin sisters playing with a battery power fan to help keep them cool

Cool Zones

We partner with community spaces across our service area to provide people with a place to escape the summer heat. 

View Cool Zones

Pricing options chart for electric vehicle owners comparing rates. Variable Peak Pricing, Time-of-Use, and Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use.

Learn How to Prepare for an Outage and Stay Safe

Report Your Outage

If your power goes out, you can either submit a report online, call 405-272-9595 (OKC) or 800-522-6870 (all other areas), or text OUT to 32001—if you’re signed up for myOGEalerts.

Close up of gentleman searching on his laptop for his OGE alerts

Sign Up for myOGEalerts

With myOGEalerts, you can receive text, phone or email alerts to stay informed and report outages. You can also receive outage notifications, restoration updates, and restoration confirmation.

Check Our Outage Map

When outages occur that affect 50 or more customers, our System Watch Map provides real-time outage data, including the outage area and the number of customers affected.

Couple on their porch taking a look at upcoming weather conditions

Let's All Stay Safe

When an outage occurs, our primary focus is to clear and secure all known hazards like downed poles and energized lines. As our crew members work, please honor their safety and yours by not approaching them; ensure children and pets stay indoors and maintain safe distances. 

Learn How to Prepare for an Outage and Stay Safe

Related to Outage Support
Stormy clouds rolling in over a neighborhood home
Before the Outage
Outages can be surprising, so knowing how to stay safe and prepared is important. Don't be caught without essential supplies or rush to prepare at the last minute.
OG&E Member looking up at the debris after a storm.
Following Restoration
We follow a specific plan to restore electric service, starting with safety.
Tree at an OG&E plant that’s been preserved and protected
Vegetation Management
Trees that grow into OG&E power lines can cause outages, create safety hazards and drain electricity off the electrical system.