Preserving Our Biodiversity

Through key partnerships, we are protecting and restoring natural habitats.

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Our Commitments to Preservation
We’ve combined forces with trusted organizations, government entities and nonprofits in the region to promote biodiversity through habitat conservation.
ESG Reporting Center

Download our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reports and learn more about our positions and commitments.
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When It Comes to Preservation, We’re Better Together
At OG&E, we’ve spent years working on biodiversity-related initiatives to protect our precious ecosystems. Our recent accomplishments include preserving and expanding habitats for endangered species of concern as well as jumpstarting cleanup projects.
Progress Through Partnerships
Habitat Conservation
We partner with a local seed company to distribute native pollinator seed packets at events such as the Oklahoma State Fair.
Grassroots Cleanup
We provide grants to support the Great American Cleanup Program, a neighborhood improvement initiative.
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Planting Pollinator Habitats

We’ve helped support the iconic Monarch butterfly during its fall and spring migration by planting butterfly “Waystations.” Automated solar-powered mowers reduce maintenance costs and limit human activity on site. We’ve planted 30 acres of pollinator habitat with another 30 acres underway.

A bald eagle flies across a blue sky.
Eagles Take Flight With OG&E

Spotting our national bird is not always easy, but more than 500 bald eagles now call Oklahoma home, including a flock observed at OG&E’s Sooner Lake. Another popular spot for the majestic bird is OG&E’s Horseshoe Lake, a power plant that borders the Oklahoma City metro area.

Our Partnerships
Invasive Species: Zebra Mussel Control
As a leader in the region, we’re finding innovative approaches to combat the invasive zebra mussel, an unwelcomed guest to Oklahoma’s lakes and waterways. We’re using an EPA-approved treatment to control zebra mussels, rather than chemical alternatives that harm the ecosystem. We also partner with other utilities to share best practices associated with zebra mussel control.
Lesser Prairie Chicken Protection
One of the central plains’ family of grouses, the Lesser Prairie Chicken is a species of interest to conservationists. Since 2009, OG&E has helped state and federal agencies to commit more than 40,000 acres to Lesser Prairie Chicken habitat conservation through voluntary mitigation programs including the Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies Range-Wide Conservation Plan and rerouting critical infrastructure projects to avoid prime habitats.
Power Line Collisions
OG&E voluntarily takes measures to protect wildlife collisions with electrical equipment and takes pride in the innovative ways we work to keep animals safe. As a member of the Avian Power Line Interaction Committee (APLIC), we work alongside industry colleagues to develop best practices to prevent avian collisions with power lines.
Collared Lizard Project at Sooner Lake
Through our partnership with Oklahoma State University, we support research on collared lizards at OG&E’s Sooner Lake, our 5,400-acre cooling reservoir used for conservation and recreation. Its rocky shoreline is an ideal habitat for Oklahoma’s state reptile and provides access to critical research on the predator.
Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Organization
OG&E was a founding member in 1965, and we remain an active member today. We finance grants to Oklahoma communities to help jumpstart their Great American Cleanup projects.
Inter-Tribal Environmental Council
We regularly sponsor the Inter-Tribal Environmental Council’s annual conference. The organization’s mission is to protect the health of Native Americans, their natural resources and the environment.
Family Fishing Clinics
To introduce fishing to families, we host fishing clinics at some OG&E power plant reservoirs, including at our Horseshoe Lake Power Plant, with 50 families in attendance. We partner with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation to offer the events throughout the fishing season.
Arbor Day Foundation
OG&E is proud to partner with the Arbor Day Foundation in their “Energy-Saving Trees” program. This partnership puts trees directly into the hands of our valued customers, so we can go green tOGEther. The program offers a selection of trees designed to enhance our urban forests and to give customers choices in how they beautify their communities.
Tree Line USA
For the last 21 years, OG&E has been an award recipient of Tree Line USA recognition from the Arbor Day Foundation. Although it’s not a requirement to maintain Tree Line USA status, we participate in the Energy-Saving Trees program and give several thousand trees to our customers in the spring and fall.
Oklahoma Department of Forestry Services (ODFS)
In past years, we’ve partnered with the ODFS to educate Oklahoma State Fair attendees annually as part of our “Right Tree, Right Place” vegetation management educational campaign. Over the years, OG&E and ODFS have distributed over 183,000 loblolly pine seedlings at the Oklahoma State Fair.