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OG&E partners with Oklahoma City Zoo to energize conservation
Jun 6, 2024

Lending a 'paw' to our pals, OG&E works with the Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Gardens to energize conservation with award-winning initiatives like the tree trimming 'browse' program. 

Collected through regular tree trimming activities, browse and sileage materials provide additional food and enrichment for various species. Our vegetation management team has made more than 250 deliveries of browse to the zoo, donating more than 3.5 million pounds of resources.

Additionally, we enjoy finding creative ways to reduce our environmental impact while helping our hoofed friends. The OKC Zoo repurposes our wire spools for the goats to enjoy in the Children's Zoo. 

We are grateful for our partnership with the OKC Zoo to care for their animals and continue to innovate and inspire conservation. 


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