Championing an Inclusive Culture

We foster an environment that values diversity and inclusion to make us a stronger and more resourceful organization. 

Woman wearing an OG&E hard hat
Unleashing Potential
Together, we embrace our uniqueness and challenge the status quo.
Member Resource Groups
Our employee-led Member Resource Groups (MRGs) provide a forum for volunteerism, discussion and exploration of different cultures and create a network for leadership and professional development. MRGs champion the interests of Asian American & Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, Public Service, Veteran, Women and health-focused employees.
Excellence Through Inclusion and Belonging
DEI Focus Areas
We focus on strengthening our DEI efforts in these five areas: member engagement, talent management and workforce development, community engagement, customer focus, and supplier diversity.
Workplace Recognition
OGE Energy was named the #1 Best Employer in Oklahoma as part of the Forbes 2023 America’s Best Employers by State survey.
Establishing a Diverse Industry
As sponsors of Urban League’s Urban Reentry Jobs Program, we’re helping to increase diversity in the energy industry.
An OG&E employee with another employee working behind her on the warehouse floor
Building a Diverse Workforce

We understand that diverse perspectives are far more likely to lead to creativity and innovation in the workplace; therefore, we are committed to strengthening talent pipelines for the energy industry. To accomplish this, we continue to build our community partnerships, invest in energy industry training programs, and promote job opportunities through many channels to diversify our talent pools.

Empowering Women in Energy
At OG&E, we acknowledge the significant contributions of many influential women in our industry, including the trailblazers within our own company. Hear from Jazmin, one of our Senior System Protection Engineers, as she shares her experience in energy and the important role diversity plays in shaping OG&E’s culture and energizing life for the community.
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Strengthening Supplier Diversity

Our commitment to working with suppliers from a variety of backgrounds means we’re focused on building relationships with businesses owned by minorities, women, and veterans.

OG&E and our contractor, Davis H. Elliot Company, Inc., were each recognized by the Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City with Jay Galt Corporate Partner Awards for their support of the Urban Young Adults Reentry Jobs Program
Urban League and OG&E
OG&E and our contractor, Davis H. Elliot Company, Inc., have partnered with the Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City to establish the Urban Reentry Jobs Program. Participants receive the education and workforce assistance needed to enter the energy industry while developing job readiness skills such as financial literacy, cultural and societal awareness, and professional development. Through this partnership with the Urban League, we have the opportunity to build a diverse talent pipeline through our transmission and distribution contractor workforce.
Group of OG&E employees marching in the MLK parade.
Diversity and Inclusion Statement
At OG&E, we foster a workforce that mirrors the rich diversity of the communities in which we live and serve. Driving an inclusive workplace where we share ideas and leverage our different experiences and perspectives results in business decisions that address the needs of our various stakeholders. Our inclusive and collaborative culture encourages creative and innovative thinking, embraces ideas from all our members, and enables us to grow our business, members, and communities.