Rows of solar panels with view of plant
A Balanced Approach
OG&E’s portfolio of energy solutions, consisting of natural gas, coal, wind and solar, helps meet the needs of customers across our service area.
Power Generation

Fuel diversity in our power generation fleet ensures reliable and resilient electric service for more than 887,000 customers.

Wide shot of wind turbines at sunset

Balanced Approach

Each type of fuel on the OG&E system has its own unique benefits. While natural gas and coal are our base fuels, when the sun shines and the wind blows we also access solar and wind power. These fuels create our balanced approach to electric generation.
Aerial photo of Mustang power plant

Southwest Power Pool

OG&E and other utilities generating power in nine states belong to the Southwest Power Pool (SPP). The SPP provides more affordable power to 15 million customers living and working in the region. Customers have access to increased renewables through transmission, particularly wind, from other states. Membership in the SPP allows OG&E to maintain affordable rates.

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Environmental Responsibility

Power plants or renewable centers require multi-million dollar investments and are intended to last 30-65 years. When we build a new source of power generation, we focus on reliability, affordable rates and environmental responsibility.

Pioneers in Renewable Energy

OG&E pioneered the development of Oklahoma wind farms and built the first utility-scale solar energy farm in Oklahoma.

Aerial view of plant with sunspot

Mixing It Up

OG&E’s power mix is 60 percent natural gas, 30 percent coal and 10 percent renewable (wind and solar).

Solar Success

Our Branch Arkansas Solar Farm generates enough electricity to power thousands of Arkansas customers.

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Fuel Diversity

Located just east of Ft. Smith, the 5-megawatt solar farm sits on 40 acres. OG&E customers in Arkansas can choose to make up to 50 percent of their energy come from solar power.

Related to Generation
Truck with lines running overhead
Transmission & Distribution
OG&E owns and operates overhead and underground distribution lines to deliver electricity to our customers in Oklahoma and western Arkansas.
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Vegetation Management
Trees that grow into OG&E power lines can cause outages, create safety hazards and drain electricity off the electrical system.
Grid at Washington Park Plant
Grid Enhancement
OG&E’s grid enhancement efforts deliver resiliency and reliability.