Understand Your Bill

How to Read Your Bill

These sample bills can help explain our bill layout so you can better manage your budget.

Whether you live in Oklahoma or Arkansas, this sample will help explain our bills. The front side usually contains the following information:

1.     Name under which we bill account

2.     Address where electric service is located

3.     Account number

4.     Current billing period

5.     Current meter reading

6.     Meter constant (number multiplied by difference in readings to determine total amount of kilowatt-hours used)

7.     Total Kilowatt hours (KWH) used

8.     Previous balance if applicable

9.     Last payment amount and the date it was credited

10.  Rate under which account is billed

11.  Components of the current bill, Additional Fees and Taxes* (The Arkansas Fuel Cost, ENERGY COST RECOVERY, is a separate line item displayed here).

12. Interest paid on Deposit, if applicable. *(Oklahoma Fuel Cost, FUEL ADJ FACTOR, multiplied by kilowatt-hours to determine the amount and included in Charge for Electric Service)  

13.  Total Balance Due

14.  Due date of the current bill

15.  Customer information area for messages pertaining to your electric service

16.  Number of days and average cost per day for current monthly usage

17.  Usage Chart (reflecting kilowatt hours (kWh) consumed over the past 13 months or your length of service at this address; whichever is less)

18.  Customer service contact number

19.  Amount of late payment charge if not received by due date (not applicable for Arkansas customers)

20.  Last date to pay in order to avoid being late

21.  Total Balance Due

22. The amount, in addition to your bill, you desire to contribute to Lend-A-Hand

23.  Your mailing address

24.  Payment address


Lend-A-Hand gives you the chance to help those having trouble paying their utility bills by including a few extra dollars with your OG&E payment. Your tax-deductible contribution will be forwarded to The Salvation Army which gratefully distributes the money to help pay for electricity, gas, fuel or firewood for your neighbors in need.

For more information, contact The Salvation Army office in your area. To locate the nearest office of The Salvation Army, call 405-840-0735.