Weather Event Guide
Stormy clouds rolling in over a neighborhood before a storm hits
Storm Preparedness
Severe weather sometimes leads to a temporary loss of electric service. It pays to be prepared for extended outage periods.
Before the Storm

Storm severity can surprise us, so knowing how to stay safe is important. Don't end up without essential supplies or rushing to prepare at the last minute.

Emergency supplies on a table to be packed before large storm

Gather Emergency Supplies

We suggest keeping some essential items on-hand at all times in the event of a power outage. Those include flashlights and fresh batteries, a battery-powered radio or TV for news updates, bottled water and canned food, medication, emergency phone numbers and portable chargers.
Mom with her two children sitting on the couch reviewing their weather safety plan

Have a Plan for Everyone

If you are a senior citizen or have an elderly loved one or neighbor, build a support network who can assist in an emergency. Know your options if you or a loved one have a life-threatening condition and need electricity to power a medical device. Include pets and their needs in your plan.
Outdoor generator during a rain storm

Generator Safety

Portable electric generators should always be operated outdoors and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Never connect your generator to your home's main electrical panel. Plug appliances directly into the portable generator or have it properly attached to your home’s wiring by a qualified electrician.

Learn How to Prepare for a Power Outage and Stay Safe

Outage Alerts

Sign up for myOGEalerts to receive updates on storm outages via text, email or phone. We’ll notify you if the power is out in your area, what time we expect it to be back on and when it’s been restored.

Father & son reading weather updates on a tablet

Keep Everyone Informed

Alerts can be sent to up to five phone numbers or email addresses.

Track Approaching Storms

Stay up-to-date with local weather and tips from NOAA.

Husband and wife reviewing upcoming weather alerts for their area

Be Weather Aware

NOAA's National Weather Service is building a Weather-Ready Nation by providing better information for better decisions to save lives and livelihoods

Related to Severe Weather
Close up of rain on a window
During the Storm
Power outages during storms can raise dangers you don’t expect.
OGE Member looking up at the debris after a storm.
After the Storm
We follow a specific plan to restore electric service, starting with safety.
-	Wide photo of tree at an OG&E plant that’s been preserved
Vegetation Management
Trees that grow into OG&E power lines can cause outages, create safety hazards and drain electricity off the electrical system.