OG&E service truck in a neighborhood after a storm examining storm damage
Power Restoration
We follow a specific plan to restore electric service, starting with safety.
Focus on Safety

Severe storms can cause many customers to lose their electricity at the same time. In addition, electrical lines or meters may be damaged, and vegetation may need to be removed. We focus on safety, restoring essential services, and repairs that return power to the greatest number of customers in the least amount of time.

OG&E lineman working on downed lines to restore power in a service area affected by a storm.
How We Restore Power
After a storm, our primary focus is to clear and secure all known hazards like downed poles and energized lines across streets and roadways. Next, we restore power to essential community facilities like hospitals, police and fire departments.
Mother and Father playing with twin daughters in their living room
The Most Power to The Most People

We follow a repair sequence that provides the most power to the most people. You and your neighbors may be on different circuits, fuses or transformers. This means some homes may have power while those around them don't. We'll continue to work until everyone's power is on.

Farm weathervane after a storm
Who Takes Care of What

Repairs to the wire that runs from the utility pole to your house and the meter are OG&E’s responsibility.

Repairs to the cable that runs down the side of your house and the box that holds the meter are your responsibility. Having a qualified electrician perform the repairs you're responsible for helps ensure we can restore your power quickly after a major storm.


Power Restoration through Partnerships

OG&E is a member of the Midwest Mutual Assistance and Southeast Electrical Exchange (SEE). Member companies impacted by major outage events can increase their workforce with paid restoration workers from other companies in unaffected areas.

Construction worker properly wearing both a hard hat and mask

Repairs During COVID-19

To help control the spread of COVID-19, we’ve instructed our employees to maintain social distancing. As our crew members work, please honor their safety and yours by not approaching them; ensure children and pets stay indoors and maintain safe distances.

Storm Debris Cleanup

Vegetation crews take tree and brush debris from your yard to the curb; disposal of debris due to storms is your responsibility.

Family sitting outside on a swing hanging from their tree in the front yard

Managing Vegetation

Crews may enter your yard or the area around your home as they work to identify and resolve your power issue. Ensure pets are safely out of the way and unlock gates and cattle guards.

Stormy clouds rolling in over a neighborhood home
Before the Storm
Storm severity can surprise us, so knowing how to stay safe is important. Don't end up without essential supplies or rushing to prepare at the last minute.
Close up of rain on a window
During the Storm
Power outages during storms can raise dangers you don’t expect.
Tree at an OG&E plant that’s been preserved and protected
Vegetation Management
Trees that grow into OG&E power lines can cause outages, create safety hazards and drain electricity off the electrical system.