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Big orange trucks prepare for power restoration during an ice storm.


Get Outage Alerts to Your Phone

Stay informed with outage alerts! Get text, phone, or email updates when your power goes out. Even if you’re on the go, you’ll know help is on the way.

If there is an outage, we’ll send you alerts to let you know:

  • The power is out in your area
  • What time we expect the power to be back on
  • The power is back on in your area

If you choose to get text alerts, you can even report outages via text.

We know it’s important to keep you informed when the power goes off. Sign in to your account to get started.

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Learn More

Billing and payment alerts are coming soon! We’ll let you know when your bill is ready and when your payment has been received. You’ll even be able to pay your bill by text if you have a checking account registered on

You can have alerts sent to up to five phone numbers or email addresses, so several people in your household can get alerts. This also means that you can receive alerts for someone at another location, like an elderly parent or a child who lives on their own.

You can set up Quiet Hours for times when you don’t want to receive alerts. We’ll never disturb you during those times.

You can always change your alerts – just go to