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In the aftermath of February’s extreme cold, you may be wondering how the weather could affect your utility bill.

During this weather event, our focus was on limiting the effects of temporary service interruptions and ensuring you had the power you needed to keep your families warm. We spent about $1 billion on natural gas to ensure we met the increased demand. That's more than we spent on fuel for all of 2020. 

To minimize the impact to you, we're working with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) to spread the recovery of these fuel costs over 10 years. This is a two-step approach:

  • Step 1: We're asking the OCC to allow us to recover a portion of the fuel costs beginning in April. 
  • Step 2: We're asking the OCC to approve spreading the remainder of the associated fuel costs over 10 years, beginning in 2022.

If approved, the average residential customer can expect to see a fuel cost-related increase of less than 10%.

Separate from fuel costs, you may also see a higher February bill if you used more electricity during the intense cold than you normally do. If you took conservation measures, like lowering your thermostat, you may not see much of an increase.

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Bill-pay assistance options

Need to spread out your payments? Click here to sign up for an installment plan or make one easy call and our friendly representatives are happy to work with you. 

  • Available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Customer Service (for residential customers): 405-272-9741 (inside the metro OKC area) or 800-272-9741 (outside the OKC metro area)
  • Business Advantage Group (for business customers): 888-988-9747

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