Policy Leadership

Policy Leadership

We collaborate with local, state and national government, regulatory agencies and other governing bodies on policies that benefit our state as well as its residents, businesses and institutions.

Ban on Texting while Driving (HB 1965): We take the safety of our customers and our employees very seriously. That’s why in 2015 we took a leadership role in advocating for a law in Oklahoma that makes texting while driving a primary offense. According to the law, an officer can pull a person over without witnessing any other violations, and imposes a maximum $100 fine for violation of the law. The law exempts drivers who are using their phone to communicate with emergency responders while driving. Read our editorial in the Oklahoman: OG&E official: Oklahoma can no longer ignore the problem of texting at the wheel

Electric Data Usage Protection Act (HB 1079): The smart grid and smart meter technology are powerful tools that can help customers reduce energy costs, increase energy efficiency and strengthen the reliability of the electric grid. This technology also provides both us and our customers more detailed information about customers’ electricity use. We strongly supported legislation to protect customer usage data, prohibiting the release of this information to anyone but the customer.


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