Pluggy’s Outlet

Play it Safe

If it’s not treated with the appropriate respect, the same electricity that lights up your life can also be dangerous.

Let's Stay Safe Together

Learn how to stay safe around electricity.

Play it safe and sound when electricity is around! You need electricity to watch TV, play games, charge your phone – even turn on the lights. That electricity all runs through outlets like Pluggy, but electricity can run through a lot of other things, too. It'll travel through conductors like metal, water, wood, and even through YOU, too!

Top Five That Can Keep You Alive

Both lightning and the electricity generated from OG&E plants demand that kids and adults stay safe, together. Here are the top five that can keep YOU alive!

Learn These Tips on the Double

Learn what to do if there’s an electrical fire or if someone’s been shocked. These tips can help you avoid the shock of your life.