Learn These Tips on the Double

Learn These Tips on the Double

Avoid big trouble with these powerful safety tips.

Always play it safe around electricity. It's normally safe when it's handled the right way, but it can also be very dangerous. Learn these tips on the double to avoid big trouble!

If there's an electrical fire:

  1. Never try to put out the fire with water.
  2. If possible, try to unplug the appliance – but better to play it safe.
  3. Try to put it out using a fire extinguisher designed for electrical fires – or if the fire is too big, leave at once.
  4. Call 911.

If someone is being shocked:

  1. Don't touch the person or anything they are touching.
  2. Avoid using anything to try and remove the electrical source, it could put you in danger.
  3. Turn off the power source from the circuit box.
  4. Call 911.