Achieving balance

Preserving our natural resources is important to the quality of life of those living in our communities. Therefore, we will continually take steps to protect our environment while at the same time delivering safe, reliable and reasonably priced power. That’s why we use the word “balance” when describing our environmental efforts.

Our Environmental Position

We’re committed to producing and delivering reliable and reasonably-priced electricity in an environmentally responsible manner.

As part of that commitment, we will comply with all government-established environmental standards and constantly strive to improve environmental performance. We also seek to foster strong working relationships with local, state and federal environmental agencies. In addition, we will serve as a role model to others by demonstrating leadership in meeting and exceeding customer demands without sacrificing environmental responsibility

How do we do that?

  • Fuel Diversity – Our base load generation profile balances the long-term volatility of natural gas with the stability of coal prices to provide more stable electricity costs to our customers. Adding renewable energy to our mix helps keep fuel costs low, delivers a clean supply of energy and responds to customer expectations.
  • Technology Innovation – When OG&E began operations in Oklahoma in 1902, electricity was an emerging technology. We’ve continued to value innovation while balancing investments in new technology, such as renewable energy and our nationally-recognized smart grid program, with the impact that development will have on our customers. As new technology becomes viable, cost effective and accessible, we’ll evolve to meet the needs of those we serve.
  • Educational and Community Outreach – We seek to increase awareness about environmental stewardship through charitable giving, partnering with local education and stewardship organizations and helping increase public awareness of environmental issues.
  • Customer Outreach – We assist our customers in reducing their environmental footprint by offering energy efficiency programs and renewable energy options. 
  • Compliance – We’re committed to complying with all government-established environmental standards and constantly strive to improve environmental performance