Our Positions

Our Positions

Learn what we think about topics that affect our industry, our company and the people we serve.

Electric Vehicles

We believe electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) represent a more environmentally friendly transportation source and have taken steps to educate our stakeholders about the benefits of EV technology. Read more here: EV Position Paper. 

Burying Power Lines

During large storms, our customers often ask why utility companies don’t bury power lines. The short answer is “we do:” We’ve been burying lines in new subdivisions since the 1970s. However, when customers ask why we don’t bury existing above-ground lines, the answer is somewhat complex. Read more here: Burying Power Lines Position


  • Economic Development

    Growing our communities is the main focus of our economic development efforts, and low utility rates are a key driver for businesses that are seeking to relocate to a certain area.

  • Policy Leadership

    We collaborate with local, state and national government, regulatory agencies and other governing bodies on policies that benefit our state as well as its residents, businesses and institutions.