Rate Options

Rate Options Give You POWERPLUS®

Not all customers have the same energy use patterns, so OG&E offers several options to give you POWERPLUS®. Choose an option to help you save the most on your energy bill.

How much energy you use and when you use it determines your electricity costs. We offer rate plans and billing options to fit a variety of needs and lifestyles. Sign up online or contact Customer Service at 800-272-9741 outside the OKC metro or 272-9741 inside the metro OKC area.

Guaranteed Flat Bill

Our Guaranteed Flat Bill (GFB) plan means paying the same monthly amount for your electric bill for one full year – regardless how much electricity you use in summer heat or winter cold. There are no increases due to changes in fuel prices or electric rates. Unlike our Average Monthly Billing Plan, GFB has no roll-over feature that constantly changes your monthly bill. You're not liable for any overage during your GFB enrollment period when you complete the one-year agreement. GFB is open to Oklahoma customers only and some conditions apply. See if you qualify and sign up on the Guaranteed Flat Bill page.

Average Monthly Billing

Knowing ahead of time what to expect from your monthly electric bill simplifies planning your budget. Our Average Monthly Billing plan is designed to level out those unusually high bills that occur during months of high electricity use. Your total annual cost for electricity remains the same, but you have the convenience of a more consistent bill each month. 

Wind Power

To help create a cleaner energy future, sign up for OG&E Wind Power. We offer three different use levels of wind power RECs for our residential customers. 

Paperless Billing

OG&E offers you the convenience of paperless billing—an environmentally conscious choice that can also save you time and money: less paper to print and mail your bill; less fuel to deliver it; less mail for you to sort through. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more or enroll online.

SmartHours (Time-of-Use) Rate

This rate option rewards decreased usage during peak summer demand hours. Customers saved over $150 on average last year! Switch to SmartHours, shift a little energy usage, and save all summer long. Learn more

Net Energy Billing Option (NEBO)

OG&E NEBO Credit Rates


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