Rate Options

OG&E has a variety of rates to make your bill manageable.

Choosing the right one is easy! Whether you want to lower costs, make budgeting easier, or help the environment, we have a rate to fit your lifestyle

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Average Monthly Billing

Manage your budget! Know what to expect from your monthly electric bill. Our Average Monthly Billing plan helps level out the unusually high bills from months of high electricity use. Your total annual cost for electricity remains about the same, but you have the convenience of a more consistent bill each month. This plan is called Levelized Billing in Arkansas. 



Help the environment with OG&E Solar Power! Our solar farms make it easy to make an environmentally-friendly energy choice - you don't have to buy or maintain your own solar panels. Learn more here.



Manage your energy use and costs with SmartHours. This rate option rewards decreased usage during peak summer demand hours. Switch to SmartHours, shift a little energy usage, and save all summer long. Learn more.


Wind Power

To help create a cleaner energy future, sign up for OG&E Wind Power. Choosing clean, abundant renewable wind power is an easy breeze.


Net Energy Billing Option (NEBO)

Some customers with their own solar panels may choose to take part in OG&E’s Net Energy Billing Option (NEBO) rate. NEBO Credit Rates can be found here. Contact Customer Service for more information.

Need assistance?

To sign up for any billing option, contact Customer Service from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays at 405-272-9741 (Oklahoma City) or 800-272-9741 (all other areas).