Business Solutions

Solutions for Businesses

Our Business Advantage Group can assist with products, services and rate options for your business.

Contact our Business Advantage Group at 888-988-9747 or to find options that work for your business.

Large Business Rates

We offer rate plans for a variety of large businesses—oil and gas producers, to large power and light, schools and municipal services. Find the rate that's best for you.

New Construction

From the earliest phase of planning a new building, it’s essential to integrate a smart plan for all possible electrical service needs into your vision. We are pleased to offer our expertise to electricians, architects/engineers and manufactured home dealers. Visit the new construction page to see current standards and guidelines.

Rate Tamer

You try your best to conserve, but it’s hard to know exactly how all your energy is being used and where it makes the most sense to cut back. Rate Tamer® invites you to take advantage of the web based energy management tool that helps you measure, monitor, manage, and forecast your energy usage and compares energy use at multiple facilities. If your large commercial or industrial business has been provided a log in to Rate Tamer, you may log in here