Protecting Your Identity

Keeping Your Information Secure

We've taken every step to make sure your personal information and privacy are protected. Your information is safe with us.

Whether you’re calling in or conducting business with us online, we want to make sure your identity is always protected. That’s why we're compliant with a federal program called “Red Flag Rules.”

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act ("FACTA") provides consumers with increased protection from identity theft. As a result of FACTA, a new federal program has developed "Red Flag Rules." A "Red Flag" is a pattern, practice, or specific activity that indicates the possible existence of identity theft. 

Through this Identity Theft Program, OG&E intends to comply with the Red Flag Rules and to reduce the risk of identity theft that could adversely affect OG&E customers and/or the safety and soundness of OG&E.  Based on the definition of “covered accounts” contained in the Red Flag rules, OG&E considers all residential electric service accounts, certain general service accounts (i.e., commercial or business accounts in an individual’s name) and certain security lighting accounts (i.e., security lighting accounts in an individual’s name) as covered accounts subject to this program.  Such accounts relate to personal, family or household purposes or any other account which there is reasonably foreseeable risk to customers or to the safety and soundness of OG&E. 

To protect you from the possibility of identity theft, our customer service representatives may ask for additional identifying information or refuse to talk to a third party on your account due to this regulation. We value your privacy.