Solar Power

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The OG&E online solar calculator: Use your address and usage information to estimate your bill. This tool easily walks you through the prices, projecting your energy costs and showing how much solar power might save you over time (and you might save immediately).

Advancing Solar Energy

OG&E is committed to using environmentally-friendly energy sources. We were the first utility in Oklahoma to offer universal solar power to customers with the Mustang Energy Center. This was followed by another solar energy center near Covington, Oklahoma.

Now, two new five-megawatt farms are being built in southeast Oklahoma, in Davis and Durant. About half of the energy from these farms will be used to help the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations meet their renewable energy needs. We’re making the rest available to customers like you.

Learn more about the Choctaw Nation Solar Farm.

Why Choose OG&E Solar Power?

  • OG&E’s solar farms generate clean electricity and supply it to the grid.
  • Anyone can use solar – apartments, homes, businesses. No rooftop panels needed!
  • Solar helps the environment through reduced carbon emissions.
  • You’ll receive great discounts in off-peak hours in the summer.
  • It’s quick and easy to sign up.

Go Solar with OG&E

Want solar power? It’s easy with OG&E! Just choose our OG&E Solar Power Price. Our solar farms make it easy to make an environmentally-friendly energy choice – you don’t have to buy or maintain your own solar panels.

Learn more about our renewable energy efforts